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Rooney’s Desire For England | Tevez’s Desire for Boca

Not too much going on. I will keep this short and return with a more detailed post later in the day to discuss parts of our season so far. So let’s get this done with for now.

Wayne Rooney believes that it would be nightmarish if England don’t qualify for Euro 2008. Honestly, the selfish United fan that I am, I would only be happy if such a scenario arises. One, some of our players would get to rest during the summer and return fresh for the next season. And two, it would teach the media to shut up about the national team players and keep the hype machine down to just a small drone — discussing transfer rumours rather than playing up England’s chances at Euro glory.

Anyway, for Rooney’s sake let’s allow him to get his chance to make his mark for England. He also admits not having done enough for England lately and admits that had it not been for Heskey’s injury, McLaren would be left with a tough choice. That’s honest Rooney for you. To keep you busy for now, try reading this article on the Guardian about Rooney and England. It’s a decent read.

Meanwhile Adam Eckersley has joined Port Vale on a month long loan deal

And other than that there isn’t too much happening with Tevez declaring his interest to get back to Boca, some years down the line and some fixtures being revised — most prominently, the game against Liverpool scheduled to be held on 15th Dec is now moved to the 16th. Head over here for details.

And oh, since Ahmed filled in for me yesterday, I guess it is time for me to return the favour. So I did my bit at Soccerlens with a brief review on the winners and losers of the Premiership so far. I am not sure if it’s been published so far. Although I will put up the link here if it is published. Otherwise, feel free to head over there to see if you find any recent article written by me that talks about Premiership Winners or Losers. It’s been a while since I wrote a post there. So you know what you are looking for.

Alright off to sleep for now. I’ve set the time of this post to publish in the morning. God! I love WordPress.