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Rooney signs new deal at Manchester United, more money for everyone?

Wayne Rooney has signed a new deal at Manchester United (reportedly worth £150,000 / week or more), tying to the club till 2015.

It’s a remarkable turnaround from what seemed to be a terminally-fractured relationship between club and player. But, after recent events, Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. Every transfer window from now till Rooney leaves United will be ALL ABOUT ROONEY. It’ll be incessant, and may just dwarf the Ronaldo transfer saga and the on-going Fabregas transfer saga as the most annoying footballing story of all time.

It seems to be all about the money for Rooney, so what’s changed? One, he’s most likely been offered more money than before, and two, as many fans are saying, it’s to get the best possible transfer value for him when he eventually does leave United.

Whatever the case, Rooney has a long, long road back to United. And it’s never going to be the same, even if he ends his career at United. It’s a shame, because for a long time the PR routine actually worked on us.