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Ronaldo’s tweet teases United fans

Cristiano Ronaldo definitely knows how to tease football fans around the world. In fact, the Portuguese star is as good as creating unsubstantiated excitement as he is as gliding past opponents.

Earlier this afternoon the Real Madrid star took to Twitter to deny rumours that he had renewed his contract with the Spanish giants, setting thousands of United fans – and conspiracy theorists – in a frenzy. While from a purely syntactical point of view Ronaldo did not deny he would extend his current deal, simply than he had not done so yet, the tweet was immediately considered as a strong indication that the Portuguese intends to leave the Spanish club this summer.

Tabloids have pursued the story incessantly over the last couple of weeks, delivering “exclusives” almost on a daily basis, only to contradict themselves within 24 hours, while the “Bring Ronaldo Home” campaign explored new levels of gullibility.

Granted, Ronaldo might leave Real Madrid this season but those who considers United as the only option are rather short-sighted, for Monaco and PSG have made clear their intentions to offer the Portuguese a bulging paycheck, were he to remain in continental Europe.

For the United fans who are still dreaming/believing that Ronaldo will don a United shirt again, read the tweet below and draw your own conclusions, as everybody else seems to have done since it was posted.



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