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Ronaldo’s FifPro Award and Thoughts on the Player

In over two decades of his time in charge of United, Ferguson is finally blessed with the honour of having one of his players crowned the FifPro player of the year.

Before we fill this with tributes for Ronaldo, let’s not forget Rio’s inclusion in the XI and his significance in our team last season.

Now onto our man let’s kick it off with the interviews:

Video 1 contains the part where he talks about his form, the importance of Fergie in his development — the usual stuff one gets to hear in interviews. But the second video, while being the same was interesting for a few moments. That was when the inevitable question was put to him on his dream. A few seconds pause gave away a mixture of emotions on his face — a little bit of annoyance (perhaps?) on being asked the question, mixed with a yearning for being at another club, but deciding to curb that thought with a mention of winning more trophies and individual awards.

This was what I could make out from his facial expressions when asked that question. But before talking about my opinion on the player let me not take this moment away from the lad. Credit where credit is due: Ronaldo has been an outstanding player for us, and we are indeed privileged to be witnessing such top talent grow before our own eyes and become the super talent that he is. Clearly, for the past couple of seasons he’s given most of us immense joy as he shut those who doubted his end product.

This summer was really long drawn and exhausting for most of us United fans and Ronaldo has been at the focal point of division of opinion among the United faithful. There were questions asked about how fans would receive him. I had been among those not happy with the way he conducted things during the summer and that unhappiness turned to one of indifference towards the lad because, while I still appreciate what he’s given to us, I couldn’t bear to see the way he conducted himself over the summer. I would have appreciated a bit of honesty either which way instead of putting us through two months of nonsense.

So when he came out, by when my patience had already worn thin, I couldn’t care less. So while he remained a United player, and while I feel it right to cheer him on as a sense of attachment to the club, I just couldn’t get myself to feel happy for him. I did think then that with time, it would heal the wounds. Which is why I thought it right to bring him up today and see where I stand with respect to my feelings for the player.

And I have to be honest here, I am still terribly conflicted. My head tells me to move on. My heart pulls me back. I do have an ability to compartmentalize some of my emotions, which is why I can applaud Ronaldo if he goes on a mazy run — which would bring out the best memories of having watched the lad play all these years. But when I see him roll around on the ground and go for either the theatrical or whine for every foul committed on him — it just floods my mind with disgust. And it pains me to see how I can feel so much conflicted for a player I actually liked a lot. And every game Ronaldo features for United is this topsy-turvy journey of contradictory emotions.

And it’s not as if I don’t get the ‘other’ view to things.

I know, “I need to grow the fuck up.” I know, “life’s got more things to worry about than feel bitter about a player who lives on some other corner of the globe.” I know what he’s given to us all these years. I know he’s made attempts at winning the affections of the fans with his interviews to MUTV.

Yet, I can’t come to terms with what I went through this summer. Indifference still takes a big portion of my mindspace when I see Ronaldo on the pitch. And it surprises me to see that I am not as forgiving as I thought myself out to be.

But for now, let me savour the moments where a United player is crowned the Fifpro player of the year (and most likely, conferred the Ballon D’Or). It’s a pity, the war between my head and heart prevents me from grasping the magnitude of achievement of the boy.

I hope I get around this conflict soon, and will update all when there is an interesting development. Watch this space.

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