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‘Ronaldo swapped his Porsche for an X-Factor star’s number’ – Man Utd masseuse Rob Thornley

Cristiano Ronaldo had a reputation as a notorious womaniser during his first spell at Manchester United, something that followed him before he married Georgina Rodriguez.

In addition to being a world-class footballer, the Portuguese superstar has become famous for his relationships with some of the world’s most attractive women throughout his illustrious career.

To compile a list of his romantic partners would arguably take the size of a phonebook, as very few women could’ve stayed immune to his charm and charisma.

But while you may think all Ronaldo had to do to pick up a date was to kick back in a chair and surf through his Instagram inbox, the ex-Man United star used to do some silly things as a young man.

It appears he even went as far as to swap his luxury car to acquire a phone number of an X-Factor star if the Red Devils masseuse Rob Thornley is to be believed.

Speaking on Under the Cosh, Thornley recalled: “It’s the night before a game; we’re at the Lowry Hotel.

“He was having a massage with me, so he’s on my bed, and I’m rubbing his legs with the X-Factor on TV. ‘Who is this girl?’ And it was Dannii Minogue, ‘Can you get me her number?’.

“How am I going to get her number? Well, actually, I’m a man of many means, and within four or five days, I’ve got Dannii Minogue’s number in my phone.”

Despite the unsuccessful development of a romantic relationship with Minogue, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner did not let that discourage him.

Several months later, Thornley found himself in a similar situation. While watching the X-Factor together, Ronaldo requested Kimberly Wyatt’s contact information from him.

Thornley continued: “I said – ‘What’s in this for me? I’m dogging away getting girls’ numbers for you, what is in it for me?’

“He said, ‘OK, you want my car?’ He had a Porsche Porsche Carrera convertible, and he said: ‘When I go to Real Madrid, I’ll sell you my car at half-price’, and I said ‘okay’. It took me about 10 minutes to get her number – and I passed it on him to him.”

Ronaldo left Man United to link up with Real Madrid that summer, but he stuck to the deal, selling his Porsche to the Red Devils employee for a substantial discount as promised.

“The end of the season comes: ‘Remember our deal?’ he goes ‘yeah’.

“I gave him £30,000 for a £60,000 car, and the next day I sold it for £60,000!”

Doing business with Ronaldo is truly a pleasure.