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Ronaldo Resolution, Benzema, Rio Ferdinand

All papers are awash with news that Ronaldo is going to decide his future in about ‘two days’. There’s no need for me to provide a link; just head off to any decent football website and you will see the report.

Now let me tell you this: I have resolved to steer clear of Ronaldo speculation for the rest of this week. In the sense that I would only report news if there are any, but will not add any more of my opinions on whether Ronaldo must stay or not. I’ve had enough of things right now, and I am certain that nothing will get resolved until the Euro’s get over.

Of course, those of you interested in speculating, be my guest but also be prepared for a long month of doing that. Because, regardless of Ronaldo’s imminent decison over the next couple of days, he will still be linked to Madrid till July.

I, on the other hand, am tired. I do appreciate Fergie’s decision to stick to his principles on keeping Ronaldo at all costs and I planned on writing an entire article on that, but then considering all comment threads on here anyway end up discussing Ronaldo, I decided to ditch it to avoid redundancy.

Meanwhile, let’s move on to players who actually think being at United is as big a privilege as anything — John O’ Shea, for example. He hopes United’s excellent season can work as a spring board on to greater things and hopes to be the best ever.

If you happened to read the Guardian a couple of days ago, you would have certainly chanced upon this excellent interview of Rio Ferdinand. I know he got a lot of stick in the past, but since this season (and towards the end of last) he is among my most favourite United players. I’ve written enough about him already, but I can’t seem to stop talking about how much he’s matured and the fact that he really seems to mean it when he says he wants to finish his career at United.

Apart from the ability and skill of some of our players, it is the attitude and understanding of some of the lads — that they are at a great institution like United — that has helped us achieve so much. It’s a shame he continues to be judged on his off field activities, although he has cut down on all that. He respects his new found status at United, and he’s appeared very articulate in his recent interviews; all signs that we are seeing a man who’s finally realised his purpose.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fergie, please make him captain for next season.

In transfer news, we are being linked to Lyon’s Karim Benzema. I say he won’t go anywhere till the Euro’s get over. After that, he will be sold at a hefty price. The Lyon president is a smart man and he knows he can get better value if he waits till the end of the Euros. That said, I am not sure if he would sell his prized asset this season at all. So let’s not get too excited about this. However, if we do pull off a coup (either signing Benzema or Huntelaar before the Euros), then getting piss drunk and running naked in the neighbourhood would be a reasonable reaction.

In Manchester related news, Mark Hughes is being linked to the… wait for it… City job! I’m not sure if I’d like that. But I would rather he go to the council house than go to Chelsea. Chelsea with Hughes could become a force to fear. It also looks a more plausible rumour, considering Sparky’s affinity for Chelsea.

And before I sign off, here’s something that can be worth your while during the summers. One of our readers (and contributors), Andrei, has set up a Euro 2008 fantasy league. I’ll quote his words for details:

I made a Euro 2008 Fantasy Football league at and I remember some of you asking for one in the comments about a week ago. So, if you want to join, just go there [] and sign in with you UEFA account (or make one, but disable the horribly annoying newsletters they will be trying to shove down you throat), click on leagues and join league 34443-8197 98380-18218. Hope to see you there.

Andrei had sent me this a couple of weeks ago, but I somehow never got around to putting this up. So go there and start playing fantasy football.

Update: Some readers have pointed out that the code for the Fantasy League is invalid. Andrei has informed me that, for some reason, UEFA have reset their leagues. He has assured me that he’ll fix this soon.

Update 2: Here’s the new code for the fantasy league: 98380-18218. Enjoy!