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Ronaldo Likes Jolie, Ferg’s A Tough Nut, Fletcher’s Injury, More Int’l Boredom

As we pull on through another slow day let’s heave a deep sigh of relief that no one’s injured on their international duty.

*Heaves sigh of relief*

Oh, I almost forgot, Captain Fletch limped off with a calf injury in Scotland’s 1-0 win over much fancied France. Of course, I’d prefer to look at the bright side – Evra was an unused sub. And, John O’Shea was also taken off presumably due to a knee injury while playing for Ireland vs Czech Republic. He was replaced by Stephen Cunt Hunt.

I guess the sighs of relief was a little premature.

Alright! Now onto some news, if you can call it that…

Some drunk asshole had the gall to hit Lord Ferg on his shins. Said drunk asshole should be rather relieved this hadn’t happened ten years ago, when a court case wouldn’t have been necessary – he wouldn’t have made it there alive. Anyway, he was probably a drunk scouser having the usual bad day – where he might have been caught by his wife while getting it on with a skank, followed by trying to reason with his wife that said skank was over 18. Drunk asshole’s wife didn’t take it too kindly and had him out of the house without too much of a struggle.

Oh well, the attacker at least admitted that he did, in fact, attack SAF. Hopefully he gets an injection that causes instant ageing, and when he turns 65 he gets force-fed with a porridge made out of pigeon piss served hot with raw lizard tails. That should make him think twice before attacking pensioners – even if he were high on ecstasy pills.

(Slow day, so apologies for the digression)

Speaking of slow days, we have the rather important issue of Ronaldo talking about his personal life to Hello! (of all the magazines in the world) – where he talks about his dreams of building hotels, his rather simple life – barring the diamond bracelets and the sole Bentley he owns. (And of course, his romps. So it’s really a simple boring life, you see!) He also said he wants his lasses to be beautiful like Angelina Jolie.

But he does talk a little about business too, especially about Rooney and the World Cup game, so the article actually makes interesting reading.

“After the match, I was criticised and whistled at.
“It was not very pleasant but it did me some good. With this I grew wiser and it helped me to mature. I insist that Rooney is a good friend by whose side it is a pleasure and a honour to play, and he and I exchanged text messages just after that game with England, as well as the next day.” He added: “I feel privileged the British people have taken me to their hearts. The best thing about Britain is the people – they are fair. When you do well, they say so. When not so well, they say so.”

Moving on, some international roundup to end it for the day.

I will just touch upon the major ones. I did mention the Scotland-France game, where it was heartening to see Evra not play. Although we have to wait to see the extent of Fletcher’s injury. England had another good game, which proved what I had thought all along – Lampard must never play for England, and the team could be further improved if Hargreaves plays instead of Barry, who actually played well, to be honest. Heskey’s physical presence and his ability to hold off and harry defenders shows us how important it is for United to have a target man – an option, we hope, Saha can give us.

Ronaldo and Vidic played as Portugal drew with Serbia amidst some ugly scenes. Portugal are seemingly in a bad situation and it beats me how a team, with such a gifted bunch of players, contrives to huff and puff its way into Euro 2008.

While this week was slow, in club football terms, there is a whole lot of sport going on around the world. I know of at least three world cups going on at the moment – the Women’s WC, the Rugby WC and the new Twenty20 Cricket WC. (Apparently cricket’s gotten just a little shorter and more interesting – Zimbabwe thoroughly outplayed Australia yesterday, which is a good thing.) Something to keep one’s mind occupied before club football resumes.

Anyway, that should bring a meandering post to an end. Apologies for the randomness of the post.

Bring on Everton, just can’t wait!