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Roma vs Man Utd: Preview

There may not be enough time for me to do a Roma preview tomorrow so I’d rather do it today.

For the discerning ones, who are curious to know the reason behind my reduced involvement in the affairs of this blog, let me assure you that things will be back to normal for sure. The first two weeks of December was always going to be an exceptionally busy period in my life and this mad couple of weeks would end on the 15th for me; after which things will return to the usual. That I could find time to post in spite of all this was a miracle, if you ask me. (Thanks, of course, to Ahmed who chipped in.)

Anyway, on to the preview…

Francesco Totti was on about how winning against us would be “prestigious”. Well, if beating a side that will certainly field the likes of Dong, Eagles et al gives you a sense of prestige then fair enough. Knock yourself out. Let that make you finally get over the 7-1 defeat — which I doubt you’ll ever get over.

Regarding team composition, Fergie is likely to field an entirely different side to that fielded against Derby. So Nani would start, and so would Eagles, on the wings. While Dong and Saha might start upfront. Fletcher and Carrick could play in central midfield. While the back four would consist of Pique, Evans, Simpson and O’Shea — with Tommy K in goal.

Well, that would be my thoughts on the composition. However, going by reports on the official site, Rooney would be captain. The squad is very young too:
Kuszczak, Heaton, Brown, Eckersley, O’Shea, Pique, Evans, Simpson, Lee, Chester, Cleverley, Hewson, Nani, Eagles, Carrick, Fletcher, Dong, Brandy, Saha, Rooney.

Meanwhile in other news, Park is to return sooner than expected. This is great news, as we would need the energy of players like him to get through December.

Back to the game then, there is some useful information for those fans travelling to Rome on the official site. Especially important, if one would remember the caning many fans received at the hands of the ultras and policemen. This article also links to a pdf document that should be very useful for the travelling support. Click here.

Anyway, back to predictions… I have a feeling we would lose this but I really can’t be too arsed to be honest. All I hope is for the likes of Rooney to come out unscathed. I say, 2-1 to Roma. Let them shove their prestige up their arses. I’ve got an exam to get to.


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