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Robbo: “It’s all up to Moyes”

bryan-robson-500x262Bryan Robson has insisted Sir Alex Ferguson’s presence at Old Trafford at away games this season has nothing to do with Manchester United’s dismal season and while admitting that United’s form is cause for concern, Robson maintained that David Moyes remains the right man to the club forward.

With United 14 points adrift of Arsenal in the Premier League, out of the FA Cup and denied a spot in the Capital One Cup final after Wednesday’s defeat on penalties against Sunderland, pressure on Moyes is mounting to deliver results, with many claiming that Sir Alex’s decision to attend games at home and away has had a destabilising effect on an environment already made precarious by his retirement.

Robson, who often sits alongside Fergie and Sir Bobby Charlton, however, described the idea as “a lot of rubbish” and that Fergie’s presence at Old Trafford only shows how much the former manager still cares about United.

“It’s up to David if he wants to ask any opinions. If not, we’re just watching as supporters and we want to see them do really well. I like to chat to the lads and have a bit of banter with them and watch them train,” said the former United captain.

“I think the rumours are a load of rubbish as far as I’m concerned. To see Sir Alex at matches shows that he’s got great support for the club.

“For anybody trying to make an excuse and say ‘Sir Alex is in the stand watching me play. I’m going to wilt’ – well why didn’t you wilt when he was manager?

“It’s just weak excuses that the media and some ex-players and managers have come out with. It’s a pathetic excuse,” continued Robbo.

“If Sir Alex wasn’t going to games and wasn’t giving David Moyes support, it would show he doesn’t care, is selfish and is getting on with his own life. Instead, it shows he does want to see the club do well.”

Speaking about Juan Mata’s imminent arrival, Robson said:

“The central role in midfield is what everybody’s been talking about for a couple of seasons now. Michael Carrick has been very consistent but everybody else has struggled to stamp their authority in there.

“I still feel it’s an area we need to strengthen but it’s only David Moyes and his staff who can make those decisions.

“I’m sure that’s where David will be looking. We saw earlier in the season when Michael was out, he was a big miss.

“I think new signings, especially when they’re top class, can give an injection of enthusiasm within the squad.

“It’s a new challenge for Mata and I’m sure if he does sign, he’ll enjoy being in the team and being wanted.”