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Rio On MLS, CL Seeding, Torres and Darren Ferguson

Sky Sports reports that Rio Ferdinand wouldn’t be interested in a move to Major League Soccer, because he can’t imagine leaving his family back home. Of course, when the headline read “Rio Rules out MLS move”, I was wondering if I had missed something. Anyway, it was a casual question put to him to which he answered in the negative.

I’d want him to play for us for as long as he physically can. His pace, assurance and composure, while making those tackles in the box, is priceless. He has had moments in the past where he’d just go off to sleep, but we saw very little of that last season. Of course, the presence of Vidic also makes life easier for him.

The Champions’ League seedings have been announced for the 07/08 season and we just made it there at No. 8. The reason for the low seeding is our early exits in the past, and it might have been worse but for the strong performance this season. Among other teams, Chelsea finally breaks into the top 8 and that should hopefully stop Mourinho complaining about the ‘tough’ draws that he gets. Trust him to come up with some other excuse though.

Now for the 657th time we have someone from Atletico Madrid saying that Torres is for sale. We’ve also heard people from the club saying he could go for sale if they trigger his release clause which is supposedly 27 million. But that begs the question, why he was priced at around 40 million last season. I don’t have exact quotes for these figures, but much of this is unconfirmed reporting with a few grains of truth sprinkled over. We haven’t yet figured out what the truth is, but if the President says this:

Torres is an Atletico Madrid player and I think he will stay here for many years to come

then one has to wonder what sort of ambition a player like Torres has. Something has got to give and most likely, he should be playing at a bigger club next season.

And finally, Darren Ferguson will be screaming at his Peterborough players from the sidelines as the manager, when they play us in a pre-season game. Although we play Doncaster the day before and have the Community Shield the next day, Sir Alex says that we will field a strong side. While Darren never made it big as a player, it shouldn’t hold him back from doing well as a manager. (Even the Sir wasn’t a great player!)

And that’s about the main news headlines of the day. Not much really, to be honest.



  1. conor

    22 June 2007 at 11:17

    The reason he was valued at 40m could be for 2 reasons, he signed a new contract just last season, or you misheard someone talking about his current release clause, which is 40m EUROS.

  2. Shaheen Seedat

    22 June 2007 at 11:22

    Torres has been linked with us for bloody donkeys years. He’s one thats always had plenty of potential but Im not sure if he has/will live up to the hype. I havent seen a lot of him. The games I have watched he has looked good. Good, but not great and Im not sure if he is worth the 24m. He is still relatively young though.

    Perhaps if we could have some opinions from la liga fans who have seen more of him.

  3. sagar

    22 June 2007 at 11:52

    maybe torres is the le tiss kind of player who doesnt want to move away from his hometown club coz he loves em too much.

  4. sagarhshah

    22 June 2007 at 12:36

    I wouldn’t knock him down for it and question his ambition.
    maybe torres ambition is to try and make his home town club successful.
    in my opinion its actually quite admirable that a player would want to stay at the club where he came through and not run away to a big club in search of the big bucks and glory.

    the days of player loyalty are almost gone.

    don’t knock the players who are still loyal to their teams as they are very few of them remaining, a dying species if one wants to put it that way.

  5. Ahmed Bilal

    22 June 2007 at 13:05

    ‘bloody donkey years’ ? explain that one, when you get the time 🙂

    Funny story today – Quagliarella’s agent says that United haven’t spoken to him or his player or with Sampdoria. This after the striker was quoted last week as saying that United were in with a 10m bid.

    Agent feeding the player BS?

  6. BootifullGame

    22 June 2007 at 14:12

    Torres has ben linked with us for “bloody donkeys years”, i remember when he was 17, he was meant to be being lined up for a move to United. But you cant knock him for being committed to his birth club. Lets be honest Athletico have spent huge amounts of money lately that just hasn’t translated onto the field. They are a big club with a big history, cant blame the boy for wanting to write his own name in that history.
    His buyout is as you say 40mil Euros, and apparently Athletico wont budge on that figure (£27mil).
    Guillem Balague is convinced Torres wants out though, and has said he will probably try and force his way out. Whether he is successful or not and where he ends up are both far from clear.
    Come one Fergie, did deep.

  7. Red Ranter

    22 June 2007 at 17:09

    Well, he’s tried to help them out since he was 17. (okay, make that 19 since he was captain since then). I know Atletico is a big club and has good tradition/history. In fact it was the original Madrid club, before Real. Before General Franco made Real the biggest club in Spain.

    But my point is, while his loyalty is commendable, he’s been at the club for quite sometime without the club showing any kind of an improvement. Again I am not questioning the club’s ambitions too. They bought Aguero last season. But every year they manage to mess up even with a decent side. Put it down to poor management or whatever.

    What I am trying to say is that if Torres wants to win trophies (something all players want to), Atletico seems to be the wrong kind of club. Of course, he could stay on at the club of his love till he retires and do a Shearer. But I wonder how many Prem titles Shearer won as a Newcastle player. (Yes he doesn’t regret it till date. But that’s his loyalty/low ambition depending on how you see it)

  8. BootifullGame

    23 June 2007 at 13:14

    I agree completely about Shearer. That was lack of ambition for me.
    Torres is different. He’s still very young, he has spent acouple of years making a concerted effort to achieve something with Athletico. THis hasnt happened, and if you listen to reports from Spain, it appears that he does want out and is prepared to force his way out. So it appears he has decided he wants to win medals and titles. Jesus Gill was responsible for much of Athletico’s problems, which are still being overcome today. To pick out Torres as unambitious is an easy option. They have a new manager almost every year.

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