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Rio On MLS, CL Seeding, Torres and Darren Ferguson

Sky Sports reports that Rio Ferdinand wouldn’t be interested in a move to Major League Soccer, because he can’t imagine leaving his family back home. Of course, when the headline read “Rio Rules out MLS move”, I was wondering if I had missed something. Anyway, it was a casual question put to him to which he answered in the negative.

I’d want him to play for us for as long as he physically can. His pace, assurance and composure, while making those tackles in the box, is priceless. He has had moments in the past where he’d just go off to sleep, but we saw very little of that last season. Of course, the presence of Vidic also makes life easier for him.

The Champions’ League seedings have been announced for the 07/08 season and we just made it there at No. 8. The reason for the low seeding is our early exits in the past, and it might have been worse but for the strong performance this season. Among other teams, Chelsea finally breaks into the top 8 and that should hopefully stop Mourinho complaining about the ‘tough’ draws that he gets. Trust him to come up with some other excuse though.

Now for the 657th time we have someone from Atletico Madrid saying that Torres is for sale. We’ve also heard people from the club saying he could go for sale if they trigger his release clause which is supposedly 27 million. But that begs the question, why he was priced at around 40 million last season. I don’t have exact quotes for these figures, but much of this is unconfirmed reporting with a few grains of truth sprinkled over. We haven’t yet figured out what the truth is, but if the President says this:

Torres is an Atletico Madrid player and I think he will stay here for many years to come

then one has to wonder what sort of ambition a player like Torres has. Something has got to give and most likely, he should be playing at a bigger club next season.

And finally, Darren Ferguson will be screaming at his Peterborough players from the sidelines as the manager, when they play us in a pre-season game. Although we play Doncaster the day before and have the Community Shield the next day, Sir Alex says that we will field a strong side. While Darren never made it big as a player, it shouldn’t hold him back from doing well as a manager. (Even the Sir wasn’t a great player!)

And that’s about the main news headlines of the day. Not much really, to be honest.