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Revisiting the Ronaldo Debate

Sir Alex has recently said that Real Madrid has no moral issues whatsoever when it comes to approaching other players. If you want to read the whole thing click here [there is also a video excerpt of Fergie’s press conference, for the same, in that page].

I touched upon Ronaldo’s “will he wont he” routine very briefly in earlier posts, but couldn’t devote enough space for it because of the Champions’ League hoopla. So here’s a more detailed account of what I think about the whole situation.

To get some perspective here, here are the facts: Ronaldo has never made secret, his intention to play in Spain someday. Also, ever since we won the Champions’ League he has been interviewed by almost every journalist in the European Union. So it really is hard answering the same questions put to him over and over again.

What is worrying about this trend though is that there have been too many contradicting remarks to the same questions. In some of them he says “I’ll stay” and in others it’s “I can’t promise” or “I’ll know next week”.

My question is this: why does Ronaldo have second thoughts about staying at the club for another season, at least? What does he want from the club? If it’s a big pay day, didn’t he just sign the contract last season? If it was for his ‘dream’, how difficult is it for a moment, especially amidst the euhoria of wining the CL trophy, to say that he’s staying just to assure fans, because they rightly deserve it.

As a personal opinion, I want Ronaldo at United for the next season at least. But his lack of commitment even for the short term is putting me off a bit; I’m fully aware that he’d want to move someday to Spain, but considering the way the club and the fans have backed him, I think United fans deserve a bit more than his current dilly-dallying.

And I would love to hear from all of you on this.