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Reds’ New Signing | United Rich For Real? | Lyon Draw

Well, well, well. We have lot’s to talk about, don’t we? So let’s get started on our daily waffle.

So it’s not a wind-up. We have, in fact, signed Mateus Alberto Contreiras Goncalves — Manucho, for those finding his full name a mouthful — from an Angolan club. He is the top scorer in his country’s league and whilst that is no indicator of his worth, we would have the African Cup of Nations to look forward to and see how good he really is. The sum paid for securing his services is not known as yet, although one wouldn’t be too wrong to think he was signed for a little more than a sweet song, given his lack of profile one would normally associate with United targets.

He becomes yet another player scouted through Carlos Queiroz’s network and adds to the, now sizeable, Portuguese speaking contingent in our squad. Being African, he shouldn’t have too much trouble settling down to roughness of the league as they are usually naturally strong, athletic lads. But being a striker, one would hope he has the composure and finishing ability we’ve been looking for in a striker at United.

According to reports he’s 23 years old, although he may well be 56. But the fact is that his work permit may be dependent on him having a blinder at the African Cup of Nations. As long as he does better than Dong I wouldn’t mind the signing, to be honest. He provides us with an extra player in the striking department, because, surely, anyone could do better than Dong?

Moving on, there has been a report on the Manchester Evening News that we may have generated profits in the region of £75m this year. This figure, if true, would dwarf those of any club as we seem well on our way towards achieving the Glazers’ proposed target of £108m, or so, however evil that may sound.

This would also put our revenue at around £208m which would dwarf that of Arsenal. It must be noted that these figures do not include the brand new television deal that guarantees £30m even to Derby County.

Finally, a few words about the Champions’ League draw. It certainly is the worst out of the pool of clubs eligible to face us but I wouldn’t be too worried about this, to be honest. Lyon may be at the top of the French Lique, but I’d rather take them than what Arsenal and the rest of the British clubs are having to deal with.

Our side is quality, and that quality should be enough to see off the likes of Lyon — Juninho, or no Juninho.

The boss has typically deflected any questions relating to the, now infamous, Christmas party:

“I have nothing to say about the events of the week. Why would I say anything? Alex Ferguson has been dealing with situations like this for 21 years – and I know exactly what we do. I will not be guided or instructed by anyone. It is a club matter, and we will carry on the way we have always done.”

Which is absolutely right. He may have cut open Rio’s skull, for instance, taken out his medulla oblongata and replaced it with that of a pig’s with the words ‘What the fuck were you thinking?‘ inscribed in them, but he wouldn’t let the press the slightest whiff — and that is what he ought to have done anyway. Hopefully, the effect is for all to see in the Everton game.

Meanwhile the Italian cunts courts have jailed four United fans for trouble in the Roma game. Are these courts for real? I guess we will hear updates on this issue tomorrow as, most likely, 5 Roma fans would be given a small pinch on their wrists for their trouble in the said game.

And EVDS has agreed to an extension to his contract until 2009.

More on the Everton game and other usual waffle tomorrow.