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Reds declare Champions’ League squad: Hargo in, Tosic, de Laet out

United have released a list of their Champions’ League squad members, and importantly, Owen Hargreaves is a part of it. The 25-man squad also includes Kiko Macheda, Gabriel Obertan and Darron Gibson. However, Anderson has been relegated to the secondary list of additional 10 members which includes Welbeck and Evans.

Curiously, Zoran Tosic doesn’t even feature in any of the lineups.

25-man squad: 1.Van der Sar, 2.Neville, 3.Evra, 4.Hargreaves, 5.Ferdinand, 6.Brown, 7.Owen, 9.Berbatov, 10.Rooney, 11.Giggs, 12.Foster, 13.Park, 15.Vidic, 16.Carrick, 17.Nani, 18.Scholes, 20.Fabio, 21.Rafael, 22.O’Shea, 24.Fletcher, 25.Valencia, 26.Obertan, 27.Macheda, 28.Gibson, 29.Kuszczak.

Additional players registered: 8.Anderson, 19.Welbeck, 23.J.Evans, 31.C.Evans, 33.Hewson, 36.Gray, 37.Cathcart, 38.Zieler, 39.Chester, 40.Amos.

Edit: Another strange exclusion is Richie de Laet

Edit 2: according to UEFA rules additional players could be added i.e., any player born on or after 1 January 1988 who has been eligible to play for the club for any uninterrupted period of two years since his 15th birthday.