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Ratcliffe’s grand vision: Old Trafford to become ‘Wembley of the North’ amid £237m investment

Ratcliffe's grand vision: Old Trafford to become 'Wembley of the North' amid £237m investment

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s recent acquisition of a significant stake in Manchester United is accompanied by a bold vision to transform Old Trafford into the ‘Wembley of the North’ to rival London’s iconic stadium.

According to the Telegraph, this ambition is backed by a £237 million initial investment. But the path towards a world-class venue presents exciting possibilities and challenging complexities for the club.

Ratcliffe has been a vocal opponent of relocating United and has proposed constructing a new stadium encircling the existing structure, which has been the club’s home for the past 114 years.

This approach seeks to preserve the historical significance of Old Trafford while embracing modern features and increased capacity.

However, concerns linger about the feasibility of significantly enhancing the existing structure due to its heritage status.

Expanding the current stadium would cost upwards of £800m while building a new one could range from £1.5-2 billion.

To navigate this financial hurdle, Ratcliffe has engaged with local authorities and explored potential support from the United Kingdom (UK) government’s ‘levelling up’ initiative.

However, even with financial assistance from the state, Ratcliffe would have to drum up enormous sums of money to fund such a project.

Additionally, a separate stadium development company could be established, allowing United to gradually acquire ownership through rental fees.

Ratcliffe also envisions a wider ‘sport, entertainment, and community village’ surrounding the new development, aiming to stimulate economic growth and job creation, which further amplifies the significance of the project.

Old Trafford has not been selected among the host venues for the European Championship tournament scheduled to be hosted in the UK and Ireland in 2028.

Following a consultation between United and the Football Association (FA) last year, it was mutually agreed the stadium should be omitted due to the prospect of redevelopment work.

However, the future of the Theatre of Dreams remains a top priority for Ratcliffe, who will soon take control of United’s football operations.