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Rants Returns to Regular Service

Just to make it official, I am back from a rather extended holiday and had good times away. That said, the blog wasn’t really away, thanks to some lads who popped up with posts. I did manage to pop up while on vacation too, in the midst of my high spirits. However, the high spirits were slightly tempered by the Reading game, but I have the whole season to look forward to. After yesterday’s pessimistic post, that scared some readers, I would like to say I am still positive about the season ahead.

Anyhoo, I don’t have too much to talk about apart from pointing out to the already well known fact that Rooney is out for two months. What makes one feel really bad here is that he was really in full force right through pre-season. The hunger was there for all to see. I’d say two months to be rather optimistic and it will take him until November to recapture his form. Till then we hope Saha returns for real and forms a partnership with Tevez. If that works out then I wouldn’t worry too much about Wazza.

Wednesday, we head over to Fratton Park to face Pompey and, with an admittedly poor record against them, in recent times, with a rookie striker, it is not an ideal situation for us. But nothing will rejuvenate us better than a resounding away win against them. That sort of confidence would be essential going into derby day against a Citeh side that seem to be gelling together from the very outset. One would hope it was a poor West Ham side more than anything.

I will be bringing out my match preview tomorrow ahead of the game on Wednesday, but for now, I leave the platform to you, dear readers, to debate on your thoughts on the best formation that could help us beat Portsmouth. I’d recommend that you reason out why you think your formation would work rather than just spelling out your formation. That way we could have a nice little informed discussion going on in the comment threads today.

Here’s mine before I end the post today.


My backline explains itself. Silvestre was shite in the last game, and Evra must play in LB. He’s our best option at the moment. And here’s my request to SAF: If you must play any other LB other than Evra, then please, please play Evans instead of Silly. In midfield, since we are playing away from home, Hargreaves will give us that extra bite as a box to box player. It will free up Scholes and Carrick who can concentrate on going for the jugular. Scholes can play his role in the hole. Giggs should play where he plays best – the left wing, and if he fades then we could bring in Nani as the impact player. Ronaldo would play on the other wing. Tevez would obviously take the lone striker’s slot.

Now, it’s your turn.