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Random Transfer News Items of the Day

Silly season has begun even though our season’s not over yet. But we will be beset with the task of dealing with quite a few rubbish — and some not so rubbish — rumours throughout the next three months. So we will try all summer to weed out the nonsense bits and give you the ones that are probably true. Or perhaps, we will talk about the nonsense bits too because otherwise we won’t have anything to talk about.

Thank God for the Euros. That way we can decide to support one team and immediately change allegiances after a shocking performance of said team.

Don’t worry, we’ll work something out to keep this blog going, so that you don’t have to resort to watching paint dry (or your hair grow — whatever suits you).

Manchester Evening News reports that the club has posted record earnings, not including earnings from gate receipts and merchandise, of about ‘£78m in cash from prize money, TV revenue and licensing money domestically and in Europe’ — always nice to hear considering the debts we have; as I said in an earlier post, we need all the money we can get as much as the success.

It’s worried me slightly to see Patrice Evra’s contract not decided as yet. We’ve heard of Evra being offered a contract towards the end of last year, but nothing seems to have happened ever since. Whilst I’m sure we won’t let a Flamini happen if Juventus come sniffing I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Evra has been quoted as saying that the ball is in United’s court. Hopefully it’s just me being paranoid.

Onto the rumours: it must be clear for everyone that Michael Owen to United is bollocks. Substituting one crock for another is really foolish — and that’s being kind. Secondly, if it’s a striker that we’re going to buy, please, let it not be another midget. No I am not saying Tevez and Rooney are that — they are monsters of players — but they can’t cut it in the aerial stakes, despite the apache heading in a few this season.

Everyone is raving about Aaron Ramsey. I heard of him being mentioned in hushed tones last year, with Giggs obviously linked to him because he’s Welsh. There has been strong rumours of a deal already being done so we’ll see where that goes. The funny thing though is this: I read somewhere (can’t seem to remember where) that he was touted as the replacement for Paul Scholes. Okay, let me switch to French for a moment: For Fuck’s Sake! Where does that leave Anderson? Or perhaps, Rodrigo Possebon — who, by the way, scored his maiden goal a couple of days ago for the reserves? I wonder if United is the right club for Ramsey at the moment. He’s British though, and that will make a lot of people happy — and, of course, he’s just 17. Some one please provide me with his youtube compilations for now. Thank you.

And here’s your guess the player question of the day: __________ has said that he’s at the right club, playing with the right players and learning things all the time and has restated his desire to stay at the club amid reports that Madrid are offering £100m for him — are Madrid that mad?

Oh, and don’t bother answering that question. I wouldn’t waste keystrokes on that.

Luis Fabiano has continued to be linked with the club. I don’t want him. He was very inconsistent before this season. Last season it was Kanoute that shouldered the goal scoring burden and it’s just the one season of blistering form the Brazilian has had.

With Chelsea’s capture of Bosingwa the media will begin scouting for our next eligible full back in earnest. Watch out for Lahm, Alves et al, gather steam in the coming days — they have already, I know, but the rumours will get more and more stronger as days pass by.

Finally, Drogba insists he and Terry will be fit for the Champions’ League.

So there you go. Over to you.