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Raging Rooney, Real ‘Defeated’ [for Now] and the Holy Trinity

Does it concern you that our own Pele seems to lose it once in a while? Well, it scares the hell out of cabbage man Capello*. Actually Wayne Rooney has been well behaved considering his history. But Capello seems to fear for his England team mates because of the way he lunges into tackles. It’s always good to see a top manager talk sense into one of our star players, although it must be unnerving for Rooney to be listening to what is essentially a cabbage [for all ‘its’ merits].

Oh, and England beat the United States a couple of days ago in a snore fest. Actually it wasn’t the game that was unbearable to watch. But it was watching John Terry big up his big-match credentials in his post match that was a little hard to stomach, not to mention, the collective efforts of the whole media machine to whip up John Terry’s efforts into a frenzy. “He should courage to bounch back“, “A true fighter“, “I am a big game player“. Give me a fucking break!

That said, I don’t know why I even talked about the England-USA game on a United blog.

Anyway, it looks like Chelsea has officially become a circus — with the firing of Henk ten Cate — and I hope they don’t snap up Sparky. Any other manager would be OK by me [assuming they don’t bring Jose back by some quirk of fate].

Well, this has already been talked about enough but Calderon and Real Madrid have apparently accepted defeat over their pursuit of Ronaldo. For now. Wait for another week or two, or perhaps after Euro 2008. Or they might change their mind by suddenly declaring their interest in Ronaldo whilst still managing to get away with it. Devious bastards they are, for sure.

Meanwhile something very nice has happened that somehow didn’t get posted here earlier. The statue of the United Trinity of Best, Law and Charlton was inaugurated. It’s fitting that it has come on the back of our double.

And in another slow news day I thought I’ll post these tribute videos of Georgie Best and Lawman that I was watching on Youtube.

Will add more updates to this later in the day. Till then enjoy the videos, and try to avoid discussion regarding Ronaldo.
* inspired by the “I’m on Setanta Sports” puppet