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Quiet Monday Roundup

It’s been quiet with nothing much to report about. Apart from some stray gossip about players who might leave the club. So we will keep this pretty short and leave you for the day.

Oh, yes. You could use your spare time to check out the forum instead. Anyway, here are some of the interesting links that you might want to follow.

Can Hargreaves fill Keane’s boots? We did spend 17-20 million for that purpose, didn’t we? Although our past experiences with the ‘next Keane’ haven’t been particularly pleasant. One hopes Hargreaves does a good job at defensive midfield. I would be happy with a good job. Not entirely comfortable with Keano comparisons. It’s weighed far too heavily on players in the past.

The link, I gave above, of course, takes you to the Daily Mail. Not something that would excite you. But that is the state of the day. Hardly any good Manchester United news coming by. Although, unless there is real transfer activity, this is a good thing.

Now this is not entirely a Man United news report, but it is indirectly related. Drogba says the loss of Henry for Arsenal points to a two horse race between Chelsea and United. I’d say he is grossly underestimating teams, especially after we were written off last year after the sale of Ruud. Oh well. If that kind of smug feeling helps Chelsea flop again, we wouldn’t be really complaining.

Anyway, before I end this post, let me take this opportunity to say that rumours of Heinze moving over to the Bindippers has reached the hall of fame of BS transfer rumours.

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