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Manchester United

Qataris believe the UK Government will not intervene in their Man United takeover attempt

The Qataris looking to buy Manchester United believe they will not face any government opposition, reports the Daily Mail.

It emerged yesterday that UK officials have raised concerns about the business record of Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani.

The Qatar Islamic Bank were fined £1.4 million by the Bank of England for violating capital requirements in the UK.

The Bank’s chairman is favourite to buy Man United and has submitted a revised bid.

However, senior government officials working on football governance reportedly may pressurise the Premier League over the deal.

The Qataris feel that they have support from the government.

They do not expect to face any obstacles should Sheikh Jassim emerge successful in the bidding process.

The Daily Mail claim that senior government figures have privately said they would welcome Qatar-based investment.

LGBTQ+ and human rights groups have opposed the bid given Qatar’s history and record.

However, the government are keen on community funding and have brokered investment deals with Qatari wealth funds worth billions.

Qatar would invest up to £10 billion over the next five years in sectors of the UK economy.

The bid to buy Man United is part of that plan, and Sheikh Jassim and co will be feeling confident.

As expected, successfully buying such a Premier League club is hardly straightforward.

The would-be owners would have expected anything to be thrown at them.

They will be ready for every hurdle, and it will be intriguing to see which one comes next.

Sheikh Jassim and other bidders are hopeful they will hear back from Raine Group before Easter.