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Manchester United

Process, Philosophy, Humiliation.


There’s not really any other word to describe both the performance and the feelings that ensued following last night’s abomination. It initially brought back memories of a horrendous evening at Upton Park in the Carling Cup back in 2010 when we collapsed 4-0 that evening during a wretched display.

However, this was so much worse. So bad, it was practically beyond belief. We have been utterly humiliated by a club in the third tier of English football. It wasn’t even a contest.

I’m not going to come on here and lambast the youngsters. They’ll be hurting as much as anyone. But we had players in that team last night who were at the World Cup and they patently couldn’t be bothered.

Javier Hernandez lost the ball practically every single time it was in his possession, Danny Welbeck didn’t look at all bothered, Jonny Evans was lethargic and Anderson, well, I probably don’t need to state the obvious.

Can we blame them for their attitude? Of course we can. There is no doubt that the majority, if not all, of these players have been told that their future’s lie elsewhere, but that does not excuse last night’s shambles.

Last night, I had to console a little boy within the bar I was watching the match, absolutely heartbroken by what he was seeing and the reaction that other footballing fans were giving to it (hilarity). As I tried to cheer him up by telling him that the others find it so amusing ‘because they’ve never experienced the amount of success we have’ and it stems from ‘jealousy’, I almost cringed at how much I sounded like a Liverpool fan.

‘The good times will come back’, I said. I’m not sure who I was trying to convince.

But it’s a ‘process’ and the fans must buy in and trust the new ‘philosophy’ and we will. The away support last night was sensational and the one silver lining that we can take from the evening.

So attention must now turn to Saturday and a trip to Turf Moor. There is no quick fix to this and, as much as I’d love to predict a 0-5 drubbing of Burnley, the likelihood is that it’ll be another scrap, another struggle, and perhaps another poor result.

LvG is consistently asking for our patience, and he’ll undoubtedly get it from the true United faithful, but for the sake of these players, results really must pick up soon as confidence continues to spiral to basement level.

Shaken, but not quite broken.