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Poyet Rubbishes Move – Giggsy’s College Degree – No Berbatov Yet – South Africa

This is the problem with lazy journalism. One paper reports something, quoting “unnamed sources” and the entire press corps take it up citing “other reports”. I was never expecting Gus Poyet coming into United, just about six months into his Spurs job. Plus Ramos is building something substantial at Tottenham and it appears that Poyet has a big role to play over there. He isn’t a bad assistant to have, nonetheless. I like his handling of the media, and Fergie would like to use one for the BBC.

But I never really thought there was any truth to the reports of Poyet coming to United. Today, he spoke out and reiterated that he was happy at Spurs. So that should lay further speculation to rest. Pity, a certain slave couldn’t speak out and put his uncertain future to rest. Oh wait, how are we to know his position anyway; it’s hard enough when you are bound up in chains.

It’s gone a bit quiet on the Berbatov front. And whilst I think there is a bit more fire to the Bulgarian smoke, it looks like United will have to do a lot of haggling before we get to hear anything positive to come out of that. Michael Carrick has been an example of us paying well over the odds, and I suspect it won’t be very different with Berba. I find it funny, though, that some people have started to equate this with the way Madrid have pursued Ronaldo.

Meanwhile Ryan Giggs has been accorded an honorary degree for his contribution to sport and charitable causes by the University of Salford. He was made a master of arts. Nothing spectacular about it, but once he retires he will have a degree. After all he needs a job after retirement so that he can make both ends meet. It’s tough for footballers these days, you know; after all, they are slaves to clubs and once they get their freedom with retirement, they’ll need to make it in the real world. Err… sorry, I think I took the slave thing a bit too far.

Meanwhile SAF thinks the South Africa tour will be ideal preparation for his team to be able to successfully defend our title. I think this year will be tricky for United.

Also Paulo Bento has now played down a move to OT.

And that’s it for the day. Till tomorrow.