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Porto it is then…

United perhaps have the better draw than some of the other big favorites for the Champions’ League. They’ve drawn with Porto, who are a far cry from the side that sneaked past us last time round, whilst, we get to face either Villarreal or Arsenal in the semis. The other end of the draw makes for exciting viewing; well, at least Bayern-Barca will be mouthwatering, can’t say much about Liverpool-Chelsea.

All your thoughts, predictions, etc go here. I’ll try to put up an early preview of the Fulham away game, as I’ll have to catch a flight.

Here’s the draw, if you’ve not seen it yet:

Barça – Bayern
Liverpool – Chelsea
Man Utd – Porto
Villarreal – Arsenal


Barca/Bayern v Liverpool/Chelsea
Man Utd/Porto v Arsenal/Villarreal

Over to you folks.

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