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Patience key to signing Bundesliga target

Marco-Reus-Germany-2014_3154272Reports have emerged that long-time rumoured Manchester United target, Marco Reus, will become available NEXT summer for a mere £19.8m.

Reus’ release clause was always believed to become active next summer before he reached the last year of his contract but that value was reportedly set at £27m; a price that looks a decent price given the current transfer market.

Reus scored 16 goals for Dortmund last season impressing many of Europe’s elite clubs during his spell at the club, the far more attractive figure of £19.8m for a would-be 26yr old German International could prove to be a real bargain if he returns to form following an ankle injury which cruelly stole his chance to become a World Cup winner.

Along with ourselves, Arsenal, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have all reportedly made enquiries for Reus and, unless one of those clubs stumps up £40m for him this summer, it seems likely one of them will benefit hugely from holding their nerve until next summer.

RedRants Opinion:

Reus isn’t what United need right now and waiting 12 months probably suits both the club and the manager plus the current squad for many reasons, but do they risk losing out on him by waiting for the clause value to drop? In 12 months time Reus’ suitors will be queueing up with personal terms reflecting the cut-price fee but in the meantime there are also players at United with the opportunity to deny Reus a move to United.

Can United compete within that climate and who might make the step up in the meantime?

Yes, United will compete in that climate, they have no choice but to start competing as more and more clubs around the entirety of European football flex their financial muscle. I predict players will however, be far more keen to join United after watching van Gaal’s revolution go from strength to strength during this season, by next summer United could actually begin to land some of their most sought after targets rather than losing them to their Spanish counterparts and rich domestic rivals simply because we do now have the financial clout to compete AND we’ll be back in Europe playing an attractive, attacking, distinct style of football that excites and satisfies us all, I’m certain of that.

From within, the club has potential stars who could shine in the future. Tom Lawrence, Adnan Januzaj and I’ll include Wilfried Zaha ALL have an opportunity to force their way into the managers plans over the next 12 months in the vicinity of Reus’ position. Which one of those is most likely to feature this season and win over the Boss, in your opinion?