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Opposition teams have identified a way to exploit the positioning of Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana

Opposition teams are targeting a specific weakness of Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana, according to the Telegraph.

The Cameroon international has been plagued by gaffes and poor kicking since joining the Red Devils from Inter Milan in the summer.

Rival analysts have now identified a way to exploit his positioning, which has yielded results for them.

Onana has been staying on his line and inviting shots on target as he has been deep in his own area whenever Man United are out of possession.

As a result, opposition players have been told to shoot early at the 27-year-old as he is so far back in his penalty area, making the goal bigger for the opposition.

While his ball-playing skills make him often come forward to receive the ball with his feet, he retreats towards his goalline, which has been seen as a weakness for the opposition to exploit.

Onana was underwhelming on Tuesday as Man United suffered a 3-2 loss to Galatasaray in their second Champions League group game.

The visitors drew level via Wilfried Zaha six minutes after Rasmus Hojlund had put the Red Devils ahead, with the former Crystal Palace forward scoring from a long ball down the middle with Onana deep in his own six-yard box.

Mauro Icardi bagged the winner after he ran through on goal and chipped Onana, with the goalie around seven yards out from his goal.

Bayern Munich also scored from close range in their 4-3 victory over Man United, and more opponents will keep studying him to exploit his shortcomings in that area.

Most goalies are often off their line so the angles make the goal smaller for the opposition, but Onana has struggled with one of the basics of goalkeeping for a while, and it has proven costly.