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On Vidic’s red card

This is not going to be about Saturday’s game, per se. I won’t dwell on the performance beyond what I’ve already written about yesterday. But I forgot to touch on one aspect that stuck out for me. I can’t help but shake the sense of confusion that’s descended, and hence, consider this to be a question posed to you to clear my head.

Exhibit A:

John Terry was sent off against Man City for serious foul play on Jo. Terry argued that Carvalho was the last man of defence. Mark Halsey, the referee, was having none of it and sent him off on grounds of foul play, instead of a professional foul. Those who have seen that video will no doubt know there was only malicious intent in that rugby tackle. However, Terry’s red card was rescinded by Keith Hackett who also gets his ban revoked.

Exhibit B:

Steven Gerrard was surging towards goal. Vidic brings him down. Ferdinand was the last line of defence and Alan Wiley sends Vidic off for serious foul play. Vidic gets a two match ban.

Someone kindly explain in what way the above two cases differ. I am honestly confused.

1. Scott has been equally critical about the decision making of the FA.
2. Blog United reckons it wasn’t even a foul in the first place, and backs his case with stills — I’m not entirely sure about that though.