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On the Nani and Ronaldo interviews…

Two things came up yesterday. Both through interviews with Portuguese players: one a current player, another a former red.

First, Nani:

“People expect more from me and it’s not easy. ‘I’. “I could be doing better, scoring more, but just think, I make a huge game today but the next one, I’m not even sure that I will play. Such a situation breaks the confidence. I know it is still early and that there are lots of games to play this season but I never got to play the big matches like Liverpool, Manchester City or Tottenham and, if I don’t play those matches, I get sadder by the day. I also played through a foot injury so we’ll see if things improve from now on.”

Now, it goes without saying there’s a tinge — to put it mildly — of frustration, mixed with a hint of resignation in the tone. Ferguson has obviously shown much more faith in Valencia this season — playing him in as many games as he could (especially in the big ones) — when conventions indicate the senior player would at least be given a chance to prove himself. Giggsy’s early season form, coupled with Nani’s schizophrenic displays haven’t done him any favours. I could hazard a guess and say he was more of Queiroz’s boy, and it appears — to me, at least — that Ferguson never really warmed up to him. And whilst his handling of the winger last season was a bit dodgy, Nani hasn’t done enough to suggest he demands a regular starting place.

I still think he deserves a fair run this season. Oh, and the money quote that’s made good headlines today, ie, his comments on the manager:

[Sir Alex] goes: ‘Nani, how could you miss this or this?’ No one is safe in the pitch. He treats all the players as equals. Even Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville get it but it takes longer with them because they are more experienced.

“And it is always with ‘Fuck this’ and ‘Fuck that’ back and forth. He is a very complicated guy, very complicated and he is tough. If things are OK, he will be OK. But if there is anything he believed to be wrong, you are screwed. He can go from complimenting you to just plain trashing you in a matter of minutes.”

He also added that he’s “not considering leaving United.” Fair play to him for handling that part right.

The obvious fuss without doubt would be kicked up on the italicised quote above, about calling Ferguson a complicated guy. Headlines already scream: “Nani outburst risks Ferguson’s wrath.” Really?!

All Nani did was call Ferguson a complicated guy, and essentially told us stuff about the manager we already know. It’s like saying the sun is a complicated ball of fire. Some months of the year it roasts the city you live in, while in other months it deserts you leaving the place cold and bitter. Some parts of the world have to bear the brunt of the sun throughout the year while some never have to deal with it. It’s like that.

Well, sort of.

Anyway, Nani should be given a fair chance this season. And if he doesn’t make it this season he would certainly be the next to be jettisoned off to another club. If only brain transplant was an easy medical procedure.

The other interview that has everyone up in arms over is the ‘RONALDO SPECIAL’ (note the caps) in the Daily Mail. [It was originally published on a Russian newspaper Sport Express] Anyway, I’ll skip all the boring parts of the interview which you can all read at leisure and come to the supposed “juicy bit”, when asked about a possible return to Man City:

‘I don’t see them being above United. Perhaps one day, but not yet. At United there are great traditions, which you can’t buy in one or two years. They are created by victories. You need to prove again and again that you are better than the others. Manchester United have always done this and are still doing it, so they are the best.’

‘I don’t know (about City’s interest). I’ve not heard about it. Now I’m at Madrid. Nobody knows what the future will bring. Real are the club of my dreams and I’m glad to be here.’

Ronaldo did what Ronaldo does best, say he has no control of his future and be vague. He also did say a few weeks ago that he wants to spend the rest of his life in Madrid. It’s laughable for anyone to think he will leave sunny Madrid for rainy Manchester especially if said club was City.

Certainly not now. Certainly not in a couple of years. In five? Well, who knows…

As one famous footballing superstar would say: “Only God knows where my future lies.”