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On the Kaizer Chiefs Friendly + Rodrigo Possebon

This will be pretty brief because I couldn’t watch much of the friendly between United and the Kaizer Chiefs. It’s not that I want to be very hard on the players considering it’s pre-season but, from what I saw of the match, I thought the display was disjointed.

Wayne Rooney huffed and puffed, and was very angry for some reason; seeing a yellow for his efforts. [Was he miffed to see himself in South Africa when he could have continued to have an extended honeymoon with Colleen? One can’t say for sure.]

Tevez was alright, but most of the kids were, for lack of a better word, pants. Fraizer showed some occasional good touches, but I was none too impressed. Which leads me onto a few questions:

1. Why didn’t Ben Foster get minutes on the pitch? Kuszczak got 90 minutes on the pitch. With this being pre-season I thought Fergie might have wanted both his understudy ‘keepers to see equal time to see how they fare. Oh well, I hope he gives 90 minutes to Foster against Orlando Pirates. [Pardon my ignorance if his absence was due to any niggle.]

2. Why couldn’t Fergie include Rodrigo Possebon in the squad to South Africa? I will get to him in more detail in the second segment of this post.

3. You will find the full match report in the official site, but how could they find the game to be entertaining? I found it boring, because I remember how interested I was while watching the pre-season last year round. Perhaps, the off season gloom this summer has put me off a bit? Or was it because there weren’t any new signings that I’d be excited about. (I am excited about Fraizer Campbell, but I’d be infinitely more interested in Rodrigo Possebon — again, I don’t know why.)

Plenty of questions, and conflicts in emotions. I suppose watching Dark Knight the night before did it for me.

* * *

What has remained under the radar, really, has been Ole’s Reserves thumping another side (this time, Altrincham) 3-0. A brace from Macheda and another goal from Possebon sealed the win. According to reports, this was not a very convincing performance, but it certainly showed Possebon in fine nick. I personally think, from what I’ve seen in videos (limited, though, they may be) that Possebon fits more in the pre-season squad than in the reserves. I think he’s better than some of the lads included in our pre-season squad. But then, I guess the people at the club management would know better.

His performances for the reserves is something a lot of us should pay closer attention to, this season.

That is all for the day. Till tomorrow.

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