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On Drunk Orgies and Transfer Speculation

Another good morning, all.

Not much happening around. There was the Carling Cup where Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and some other team, that I am unable to recall, managed to progress. But who cares about the Carling Cup anyway! 🙂

There was some off-the-field incident involving the club and that is something we would touch on today. Not that it is especially something to feel proud of. The manager’s views on drunken parties is perhaps well known to everyone. He was among those to kick the drinking culture out of the club. But when Rio and co. drew up their grand plans for Christmas, the gaffer’s heart probably melted just a bit and, in a moment of generosity, allowed them their indulgence.

That footballers are humans and deserve their occasional indulgences is an oft stated cliche. But as Manchester United players, they will clearly come under press scrutiny and even the slightest pat on a bird’s cheeks (both of them) could be construed as a crime against the feminine kind. And it could be what Jonny Evans was guilty of.

It is not that I am trivialising a rape allegation. Evans could certainly be guilty of such a misdeed and the club would deal with it appropriately. Although one may wonder why a footballer, who practically has a sea of women waiting in line, would succumb to an urge to bang someone against her will.

We just hope for his own sake, and as United fans, that he didn’t do it.

About the orgy, I think the Sun, and the lot, love to blow things up just a little bit. Although I am certain SAF would be a little more than concerned and beat a little sense into those who let our title success, of last season, or that of beating Liverpool at Anfield get to their head.

Hopefully they get their heads in order ahead of the Everton game.

End of rant on that subject.

Moving on, we are linked with Berbatov, again. *groan* Click on link *groan*

This would seem highly unlikely, given the way Juande Ramos seems to have turned things around just a bit with Spurs. I don’t think we’ll get Berbatov in January. And any swap deal involving Saha in January would be even less likely.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer would have a testimonial during next year’s pre-season programme. Now this is something that had to happen. Although, details and opponents are yet to be worked out. United are heading over to South Africa for next year’s pre-season. A testimonial with Bayern would be more than welcome, in my opinion.

Wayne Rooney has given his whole hearted backing to Fabio Capello and thinks the Italian could turn things around for England. Fair enough. There’s no harm in being optimistic. I am not personally a big fan of Capello, but he sure has the ability to show the middle finger to the English media, if the situation demands, and that should happen more often than not.

Ji-Sung Park would have to wait a while before he can play a competitive game. The reserves fixture against Oldham was put off due to freezing conditions. Hopefully, the Korean plays some part during the festive period.

And if you are a sucker for stats, Carlos Tevez has made it to the top of the Actim Index. You know how brilliant these stats are when you have such illustrious players like Benjani Mwaruwari, for instance (at number 3), on that list. But apparently, some people do pay attention to these stats, so congratulations to El Apache.

And I will end today’s round-up with two articles. One, I found on Times Online that talks about Jonny Evans — as he is now clearly the flavour of the last couple of days.

The other one was an article I found on a Scouse blog which was balanced and surprisingly made sense. Well, mostly. Read it if you can, and I must warn you, it is long winded.

Update: Just saw it on the Telegraph, looks like Larsson could be headed our way during the January window. Apparently, his contract runs out soon. What d’ya people reckon? Would he work this time round?