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Ngog’s dive — aka a lesson in refereeing conspiracy theories

First of all, observe this visual:

Ngog Dive

That is a dive. Many players dive in the premier league, as well as around the world. Many players win penalties by diving.

This happened at Anfield. Home of Liverpool. Liverpool were down 1-2 to Birmingham. The resulting penalty was converted and they tied the match 2-2.

Yet, Liverpool fans — and indeed, fans of our rivals — will complain about us getting favoured by the refs at Old Trafford.

We also know what happened yesterday at the Bridge, didn’t we?

So what’s the moral of the story: it’s quite possible that all “big four” clubs get favourable decisions from the refs when they play at home.

So next time, think of this — and indeed, yesterday — when someone cries bloody murder at Old Trafford.

That is all.