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New Links Feature

While I’ve always wanted to devote posts with regular news-y bit,s I’ve tried to look around for a solution that helps me post links without much hassle and with a few choice remarks of my own suffixing them. I think I’ve finally found a neat way of easily posting them in a batch, by date, on a daily basis, and will be trialling it starting tomorrow.

So don’t panic if you see a post popping up tomorrow looking slightly different. (Or maybe not looking slightly different, if things work out fine in the back end.)

Hopefully you’ll all like it. And if I’m satisfied with it I’ll be glad to stick with it — and will make this a daily feature.

If you think you’d like to bring to my notice interesting links you’ve encountered during the day, do feel free to post them in the comments or send them to me through the contact page (can be found in the top menu of this site.)

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