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Nani’s Medical | Rossi’s Loan | Anderson’s Permit

Quite a few things have been simmering around over the last few days. So let’s have a look at some of them and dwell on a few of the stories that we feel dwelling upon.

Nani has passed his medical, making his move to United certain. That should settle some superstitious nerves.

If papers are to be believed at least two clubs are reported to be fighting tooth and nail over the signature of Rossi on loan. In case you are interested, the clubs are Juventus and Porto. Now I do remember Rossi wanting to break into the United first team this season. It is also very easy to manufacture a story of this kind. You see, apparently a condition of the Porto Anderson deal was to allow one of United’s players out on loan at Porto in exchange. So clearly, Rossi being among United’s brightest young stars could be seen as a like for like replacement for Anderson. At least that’s what an outsider could concur and publish.

The Juventus link requires only a little bit of thinking. Claudio Ranieri. I think a stint at either of these clubs would benefit him, but I doubt if he would have the patience to stay on if he keeps getting farmed out on loan. Blooding youngsters in requires a bit of courage, especially when your team already seems well settled. But it is a decision the manager will have to make, or else risk seeing the back of another young talent.

Moving on, the Manchester Evening News believe that Anderson’s initial work permit is doomed to be rejected. That is understandable given he hasn’t really played for the Brazil national team. We will have to wait and see if the work permit request goes through.

Fingers Crossed.