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Mystery Man Advised Not to Leave United | SAF’s Big Interview | Right Backs, Anyone?

A mystery United player, who will not be named till the end of the week on this site by the author, has been advised by an Armani underwear David Beckham to stay put at United, saying United is the best place for said mystery player.

End of report. The author is not open for any comment on mystery player.

Moving on, for those of you living in the UK — or perhaps, anyone with access to Sky Sports 1, I guess — today is Fergie’s first full length interview in about a decade to be telecast at 8 pm and 10:30 pm UK time. I don’t get the point of calling this an ‘exclusive’ interview when the juicy bits have already been out, like for instance, the bit where he says he can’t see himself stay for more than three years, or perhaps two. Or the bit where he talks about his motivational techniques. But I bet it’s going to be one hell of an interview because it’s been through a bit of a PR blitz as every paper seems to have been paid off by Sky to run this story on the big interview.

I don’t have access to Sky, stateside, so I’ll have to rely on bootlegs.

In transfer rumours, there is nothing of note happening. And with the big stars out for the Euros, I don’t expect any big name signing to be done till the tournament gets over. So brace yourselves for a long summer. Of course, there was the Robinho to United bit that was circulated. But that would involve something I don’t want to go into, so we’ll leave it at that.

In other news, it looks likely that Mark Hughes will be moving to City. Why am I bringing this up? Because I want to branch off on a transfer target that a lot of United fans are after: Micah Richards. There were rumours about United’s interest in the right back. He is highly rated and the uncertainty around Sven’s position cast shadows on his future. I didn’t believe that a player from the youth academy of the Massives could move to United, given Citeh’s excellent season under Sven and Thaksin Shina-twat-ra’s moneybags. And Hughes moving to City could once again restore faith and belief in City players.

I suppose that transfer rumour could now be put to rest.

Which brings us to the question, and possibly the discussion, for the day. Do you think we need a right back at all, given Brown’s solid performances, Hargreaves’ more than adequate ability to fill in at that position, and Neville’s return from injury?

If you still think we need a right back then suggest who you want and why? Perhaps, comment on their respective strengths, like say, defensive ability; ability to move forward; ability to track back and support the defence and the likes. Also give your take on his possible transfer value (especially if he’s a new player not discussed before) and more importantly his attitude towards a club like United — something that has become important considering the current transfer saga. The reason I am suggesting you to include these attributes for discussion is to make your arguments well rounded and hence we won’t have a random discussion involving throwing around names just for the heck of it, backed by Youtube compilations. [Compilations don’t always strengthen one’s argument. Otherwise John O’Shea would be a better player than Luis Figo.]

Off the top of my head I can say: Dani Alves and Philip Lahm. But I think Barcelona could become a more attractive destination for the Brazilian. Lahm could be cheaper, hence a better option.

Norman Davies, the club’s first kitman, died early in the morning yesterday. God bless his soul. He served the club from 1973-1996 and was also popular with fans.

And sorry for the trouble yesterday. I’ve got word from Andrei — the UEFA Fantasy League for the Euros is up and running. So those interested, head over to, create an account, if you don’t have one, and head over to the fantasy league section. The group code is: 98380-18218

Over to you. Looking forward to a good discussion involving right backs — for most part [if you know what I mean!].