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Monday Waffle

Hope Monday’s treating you all well. It’s not a day usually known for its kindness, but hey, who’s stopping you from hoping.

Quiet day otherwise and very little by way of United related news or transfer gossip for that matter.

As some people in the comments have already pointed out, Kalou thinks Nemanja Vidic is the weak link in United’s back line. Interesting observation. Last I checked, Vidic’s chant ended with “he’ll fuckin’ murder ya”. Maybe someone ought to tell that to Kalou. Or maybe the words “Iron Man” and “Vidic” don’t ring any bells to the Ivorian. Oh well, good luck to the puny Ivorian trying to run into the Serb who has already said he’s fit physically and mentally for the final and is all fired up.

The Sun’s headline screams: ‘United’s Alves Chase Hots Up‘ only to dampen the enthusiasm of the headline with another line that goes: Alves wants to leave Seville. has started a series, I believe, called Moscow Diary. In Part I it says, the Reds have arrived in Moscow. I say, nice. Good start. I can’t wait for Part II.

Lubos Michel has been selected to referee the Champions’ League. Again, many commenters, the smart observers that you are, have already pointed out that he awarded the ‘ghost goal’ for Liverpool against Chelsea. I would say, the linesman awarded it, but nevermind.

Martin Samuel has a piece on Rio Ferdinand.

The Luzhniki pitch apparently will be worse than the average Premier League surface. Well done UEFA.

Bernd Schuster thinks Ronaldo will not go to Real Madrid. At least for now.

And before I end this, I thought Death At A Funeral was a pretty funny movie. I highly recommend it.