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Manchester United News Reds Announce Tevez Capture

Update 3: The Beeb’s got this report. According to that Kia Joorabchian’s lawyers say, the deal has progressed with the “knowledge and permission” of West Ham United. Wonder what will happen now. Expect the deal to take a while.

Update 2: Eggert Magnussen has now opened his mouth. Wants Tevez to spend his next three years with the Hammers. Pah!

Update: Sky Sports seem to have confirmed it. It’s a two year loan!

We were talking about not believing the Tevez rumours until they came from the horse’s mouth. Now we think that the horse has indeed spoken (or umm… neighed?).

Anyway, we found this link [via UnitedRant forums] which has the headline saying Reds Announce Tevez Capture, but no content.

The page seems like a website template that’s ready for a future press release. It’s got the indications that at least confirm that our reps are indeed in talks with Tevez’s reps at an advanced stage. Of course this page is not public (as in visible links) but is accessible through the URL.

Websites anyway do such things in the anticipation of something big, so if the deal does fall through, the page will be pulled out. Simple as that.

Anyhow we played with the urls and got some more interesting headlines not yet declared by But if these events do happen then they will be declared in earnest. So you know where to go first when you hear of them. Don’t you?

Anyway here are some of the most probable future breaking news that the official site is prepared for.

Note: For the sake of suspense, we haven’t disclosed the actual headlines. You need to follow the links to see what they are.

Headline 1

Headline 2

Headline 3

And finally, last but not the least, the most significant future headline you might want to read. Be very, very afraid.

Headline 4