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Manchester United News Reds Announce Tevez Capture

Update 3: The Beeb’s got this report. According to that Kia Joorabchian’s lawyers say, the deal has progressed with the “knowledge and permission” of West Ham United. Wonder what will happen now. Expect the deal to take a while.

Update 2: Eggert Magnussen has now opened his mouth. Wants Tevez to spend his next three years with the Hammers. Pah!

Update: Sky Sports seem to have confirmed it. It’s a two year loan!

We were talking about not believing the Tevez rumours until they came from the horse’s mouth. Now we think that the horse has indeed spoken (or umm… neighed?).

Anyway, we found this link [via UnitedRant forums] which has the headline saying Reds Announce Tevez Capture, but no content.

The page seems like a website template that’s ready for a future press release. It’s got the indications that at least confirm that our reps are indeed in talks with Tevez’s reps at an advanced stage. Of course this page is not public (as in visible links) but is accessible through the URL.

Websites anyway do such things in the anticipation of something big, so if the deal does fall through, the page will be pulled out. Simple as that.

Anyhow we played with the urls and got some more interesting headlines not yet declared by But if these events do happen then they will be declared in earnest. So you know where to go first when you hear of them. Don’t you?

Anyway here are some of the most probable future breaking news that the official site is prepared for.

Note: For the sake of suspense, we haven’t disclosed the actual headlines. You need to follow the links to see what they are.

Headline 1

Headline 2

Headline 3

And finally, last but not the least, the most significant future headline you might want to read. Be very, very afraid.

Headline 4



  1. Ahmed Bilal

    6 July 2007 at 04:59

    you’re going to kill Karl, you know that?

  2. Red Ranter

    6 July 2007 at 05:01

    [Red Ranter]
    I thought he was already dead. (Or has he gone underground plotting my death?)

  3. Indian Devil

    6 July 2007 at 05:08

    Hi good news the Tevesz is is to go through even after last nights denial by the premier league. It is expected that carlos tevez will be unveiled as a united player after he returns from the Copa America.

  4. GOD - Im a Red Devil

    6 July 2007 at 06:12

    My Children….this is GOD.

    I will like to easy your minds and hearts and asure you that TEVEZ arrival at United will be official in the next 48 hours.

    Also, please take a moment and contemplate our new Roster for 2007-2008.

    Please read out loud:

    VaNderSar, Rio, Vidic, Nevile, Evra, Hargreves, Scholes, C.Ronaldo, Anderson, Rooney, Tevez, Heinze, Saha, Smith, Rossi, Scholes, Brown, Giggs….

    There is only one more thing to say:


    See My Children? There is God! – I exist.

  5. Steve Beales

    6 July 2007 at 06:51{B4CEE8FA-9A47-47BC-B069-3F7A2F35DB70}&newsid=441561


  6. nuttz

    6 July 2007 at 07:05

    How did God miss out Nani.

    Looks like God overlooks things too, just like a human.

    PS: cant wait for mr tevez to come.

  7. Indian Devil

    6 July 2007 at 07:09

    Looks like GOD also missed out on our two gks and also Pique.

  8. Ahmed Bilal

    6 July 2007 at 07:09


  9. karl

    6 July 2007 at 07:14

    This is turning out more and more like a conspiracy theory…

  10. Indian Devil

    6 July 2007 at 07:16

  11. Red Ranter

    6 July 2007 at 07:16


    Heh! Enjoy it now. When (and if) the news is confirmed we’ll celebrate.
    Till then have fun 🙂

    Keep playing with the url number at the end.

  12. Hiram Gakembu

    6 July 2007 at 09:54

    Some blockages on the road though, the Premier League wants the transfer fee paid directly to WH and not to Tevez’s agents. Could this become a tug of war???

  13. karl

    6 July 2007 at 10:11

    @Hiram Gakembu

    One way of playing it – I think – is to pay an amount to West Ham this year, and next year, after the whole Tevez issue has been put to rest, pay the rest to Kia. The Premier League can’t deduct points then…

  14. Ahmed Bilal

    6 July 2007 at 10:14

    love the last line.

    the removed the tevez template page this morning, presumably because someone found out that fans were linking to it and visiting it and using it to claim that the transfer had happened

    want to bet that they just moved it around?

  15. Ahmed Bilal

    6 July 2007 at 10:18

  16. karl

    6 July 2007 at 10:23

    It really seems like we are a bunch of conspiracy theorists trying to sift trough newspapers, taking bits and pieces to get to the TRUTH 🙂

    Me just too nervous to wait until the 14th…

  17. Martin Kamau

    6 July 2007 at 13:07

    Looks like a done deal…

    am done waiting… let the celebrations begin!

  18. Indian Devil

    6 July 2007 at 13:09

    Hi the news is the Tevez deal is done for a two year loan deal with the option of buying him and he is undergoing a medical at venezuela.

  19. Shawn

    6 July 2007 at 13:13

    If the reports are true, i expect many to jump on the man utd supporters bandwagon now. Put tevez and Wayne Rooney together, you get 2 strong players that can make blitzing runs from the midfield. Need a poacher?Rest either and put Saha on. Midfield, Scholes,Carrick, Hargreaves.3 outstanding midfield players who can read the game very well.Attacking mid?Anderson. Flank? Giggs,Ronny,Nani,RIchardson(i think he is one for the future.)

    I’m sure, people, that by just stating the offence, everybody’s mouth is watering, and i’ve havent started on the defence yet.

    Next year(2008), 2 young wing backs from fluminese are coming (Fabio, Rafeal, Wing backs,when they turn 18).
    SAF is smart. He is investing heavily on a team that is good, and can last for the next 4-6 years.I rather he spent 100 mil in a season forging a team for the next 5 years rather than spending like 50 mil a season trying to balance the team, every season.


    I’m still wondering how fletcher is here. His passing isnt good, he doesn’t have the stamina, he cant score, and he gives the ball away easily.

    I just think fletcher isn’t meant for such a big club.He might do well in a club of maybe (no offence) Aston Villa rank.He isn’t right for this club.

  20. Indian punk

    6 July 2007 at 13:34

    anylinks my indian counterpart

  21. Indian Devil

    6 July 2007 at 13:40

  22. Indian punk

    6 July 2007 at 13:41

  23. Indian punk

    6 July 2007 at 13:42

    oops ahmed u posted it already
    And yes even i loved the last Line

  24. karl

    6 July 2007 at 15:31

    Have you guys read this interesting article?

    Both links are essentially the same article.

  25. abood

    6 July 2007 at 18:29

    jesus…even more ‘turmoil’

  26. GOD - Im a Red Devil

    6 July 2007 at 18:44

    Hello My Children….This is your friend GOD.

    Thanks nuttz and indian devil for your help. I should have included both Nani and Pique. However, do not correct me again in public or you might have to spend the rest of eternity watching Chelsea games in Hell with the likes of Judas, Hitler, Tom Cruise, and Nichole Richie.

    Anyways, I see how must of you are as exited as I am for our new Adquisition. Tevez is now undergoing a Medical in Venezuela, a country with Lots of Oil and Beautiful Women, and we’ll soon be part of our fierce squad.

    I’m here also to easy your mind about those reports claiming that the FA might interrupt Tevez’s move. My Children, please be calm – This is only the press attempt to generate headlines.

    We all know it is expected that the FA will take a closer look into this matter, but United will not be stupid enough to do something that might cost them extra money or even points, specially since the West Ham’s fiasco.

    So, ease your minds my children. It is just a matter of time.


  27. karl

    6 July 2007 at 18:48

    Still no official news either confirming nor denying it…

  28. adil alhinai

    6 July 2007 at 21:56

    Shawn i agree with everything you said, until you spoke about Richardson and fletcher,if you swap those two names around, then everything will be good, man u have alot of youngsters, same as arsenal, but what SAF is doing that arsene wenger isnt, is mixing that youth with experience, arsenal have hardly any experience in the squad, they need a player like henry to explain to the youngsters how to act in certain situations, but instead he sells them, what SAF does is keep the old to explain to the youth, for example, OGS can talk to rooney and possible tevez, giggs to ronny anderson and nani, scholes to fletcher and eagles, ferdinand to pique evans, heinze to rafael and fabio so on and so forth, that way the players get help, i was just watching a video of man u’s photo shoot of their new kit, the players kid around with each other have fun with each other, whilst ferdinand was doing an interview rooney pulled down his shorts, if this friendship can be transfered to the new signings, rather than a bellemy risse man u will be deadlier than ever

  29. Paul Freeman

    6 July 2007 at 22:34

    Calm down everyone 🙂

    It may not guarentee the league next season; but will guarentee the tradition of United will be kept. Attack, Attack, Attack.

    Unless Chelsea send us all to sleep.

    Here’s my pretend lineup for next season

    Var Dar Sar,

    Neville, Vidic


    Carrick Scholes

    Ronaldo Anderson Giggs

    Nani Tevez Rooney


    ! Even with only 2 defenders there aren’t enough places for everyone 🙂

    What about Rossi, Eagles, Evans, Smith ? I draw the line at Richarson, please send him to Sunderland.

  30. Steve from CA

    6 July 2007 at 23:34

    I think you are mistaken. According to wikipedia, the Fluminese guys aren’t that young. Rafael is 27 and there is no player by the name of Fabio on their roster. There is, however, a Fabinho but he is 30. I don’t really think we need another left back. Evra is only 25, and unless we sell Heinze, he will have a sub all season, meaning fatigue shouldn’t be a huge factor. What we do need is a young right back to come in and learn from Neville. I guess we have Bardsley but he wasn’t outstanding for Villa. Maybe SAF will bring up Kieran Lee more often to learn from Gary. It wouldn’t be a bad idea. And if things don’t go well, SAF can try and find someone in Jan. or next summer.

  31. Aus_Devil

    7 July 2007 at 00:55

    Steve – look them up under Rafael Silva and Fabio Silva in Wikipedia. I don’t think they’ve played top level for Fluminense yet so may not be listed under their squad. They both turn 17 in a couple of days (on July 9th) so should be able to link up with United next year, assuming they continue to develop.

    Remember we also have Simpson returning after an impressive loan stint at Sunderland – another RB option – but I agree, it is an area we may well need to bring in a replacement for.

  32. Lee

    7 July 2007 at 06:24

    Yes. Aus_devil is correct, Fabio and Rafael (or Raphael) are not in Fluminese’s senior team yet. I believe their wiki’s are: and

  33. Sam

    7 July 2007 at 09:09

    yes both are apparently very wing back like in their approach. very attacking down the wings. watch some videos in you tube… i think its fabio who is captain of the brazil youth team. apparenlytheir strongest player in the latest tournament. not to shabby!!

  34. Lee

    7 July 2007 at 09:53

    Fabio is captain of Brazil U-17, and scored a goal from a bicycle kick before! Not bad for a defender. Man Utd also seem to be in for Federico Macheda, Rodrigo Pereira Possebom and Lulinha.

  35. indian punk

    7 July 2007 at 13:54

    Tevez ‘agrees terms’ with Man Utd

    Something more until the horse speaks !!!!!!!

  36. govind

    8 July 2007 at 03:45

    the tevez deal seems to be something of a conondrum…its a legal mess…i dont wat’s going to transpire in the end..

  37. govind

    8 July 2007 at 03:46

    *dont know

  38. indian punk

    9 July 2007 at 18:33

    Boss: Tevez deal is close{B4CEE8FA-9A47-47BC-B069-3F7A2F35DB70}&newsid=442881

  39. Austin

    21 July 2007 at 16:08

    I will love man united forever with the new arrival of these players i expected trophy for five years


    3 August 2007 at 15:32

    With mouth watering tevez deal coming to a close,nani already shown sublime
    skills in Asian tour and hagreaves & anderson ready for one or two weekends showdown
    showdown to work on their fitness and fine tune their skills every malawian
    united fan cant wait for an explosive & entertaining season.MAN U will be
    all round conquerers babiee!!ron,scholesy,rooney,rio,giggs,vida,evra. wow!!!

  41. Obaka peter

    5 August 2007 at 00:06

    I want man u to defeat chelsea. From Nigeria.

  42. Sir P

    6 August 2007 at 23:06

    Man u is great, a lovely team to be Identify with, I am a crazy fan from Nigeria and I am pleased with the performance of the players,the sky is not our limit. Peter obaka known as sir P.


    7 August 2007 at 10:32

    sundays charity shield triumph is just a warning to all europe opponents
    and its obvious this season we are not only winning all major trophies
    but bruising opponents with magnificient display.big up MAN U FANS.

  44. tajudeen oyewole korede

    10 August 2007 at 00:07

    am a manutd fan in nigria sir my comment is about ronaldo is playing big man football now and is not like that before sir i like what you have done this summer what i need is more devender and i need invition to come and wash manutd live at oldtraafod sir if i have the chance i will be happest person so far and wish manutd best of lucky this season amen tee jay from nigeria

  45. Biola ojo

    15 August 2007 at 16:51

    I think dis season ll be a great one 4 d players, united officials n we fans, cos sir alex has made a great signing plus Our flair n entertaining game we enjoy last season..i can see united triumph in all front..united 4 lyf

  46. Okafor Onyekachi

    4 October 2007 at 16:01

    Paul Scholes is my mentor.

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