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Manchester United Fixtures

Manchester United Pre-Season Fixture List

Manchester United have declared their pre-season fixture list for the 07/08 season.

The fixtures can be seen as having two stages as we have seen for the past season. The first will be the unavoidable outside-Europe commitments that the club will have to fulfill. They will undertake the grueling tour far east this time and even if the tour might be tiring, it brings in the moolah.

Here’s the fixture list:

17 July v Urawa Red Diamonds (A)
20 July v FC Seoul (A)
23 July v Shenzhen Xiangxue Eisiti (A)
1 August v Internazionale (H)
3 August v Doncaster (A)
5 August v Chelsea (Wembley)
8 August v Glentoran (Belfast) – United XI
8 August v Dunfermaline (Edinburgh) – United XI

Thankfully, they were denied the trip to Kuala Lumpur. I know, I know, there will be some angry Malaysian fans feeling cheated but see the value of deleting a country from the itinerary. One tiring flight less to catch. And one game less to play. Well, it still sounds unfair to the fans denied a chance to see the stars live in action, but that’s how it is. And we’ll have to live with it.

The second half of the pre-season schedule is rather interesting. Inter Milan comes over to Old Trafford. That’s got to be a tasty affair with Inter’s star studded (and bloated) squad landing with at least one familiar face in Paddy Vieira. Would have been fun if we had RvN to stick one up him just for old time’s sake. But well, those are just for the romantics. The sadistic ones particularly.

We also have the Community Shield that pits the FA Cup winner with the League winner. A game that gives more bragging rights and helps the team that wins a lot, especially if the two are title contenders. And more than before, this season, the odds will be certainly even between us and the Blues. Sorry Pool. You really need to show more imagination in the transfer business to be taken seriously. You’d better hope that the signings of Gerrard and Carragher on long term deals don’t represent the ‘big money signings that your pompous media-hungry owners were talking about. You might say all you want about the new American owners’ PR work. But action also needs to be taken. Soon. Oh well, why do we care anyway. It’s also maybe the speed with which we made our deals that the transfer window seems shorter than it actually is. And other fans seem to be bothered by this.

Now what do we do over the rest of the summer?


Now I’d rather go for those long tiring transfer sagas like the Owen Hargreaves one. At least we had stuff to write about everyday. Anyway, the pre-season list looks good to me, with at least two competitive games when we return to England. It should hopefully turn out as fruitful as the last time.

And yes, no red cards this time please!