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Manchester United Make Two Signings

After a long, quiet summer so far, only troubled by Ronaldo’s interviews — or rather, a lack of them — United finally make two signings. Of course they aren’t much to get excited about.

First, Patrice Evra was signed for a further four years — a very important signing, if you ask me. And the second, and a lesser known one, was that of 17 year old promising youngster Davide Petrucci from Roma’s youth team.

Patrice Evra has been one our most important (and the most improved) player over the past couple of seasons. Not only has he been excellent offensively, he has also been a revelation defensively. He has clearly improved by leaps and bounds and if he keeps going he will be on the road towards legend-dom. But most important of all is this: he loves the club, or at least it’s apparent from the way he talks about United.

Long live left back Pat!

Meanwhile, there is a storm brewing in the Roma camp as the publication, Il Romanista, cried foul over United poaching Davide Petrucci before he could even sign a contract. The Italian youngster was offered a humongous bump in wages in comparison to what Roma could offer him and hence he moved to United. Club insiders at Rome claim that he is one of their most promising youngsters and has been likened to Francesco Totti.

We’ll see how that goes.

I must say, at this point though, that I am not pleased with the poaching of a youngster due to legal loopholes as Italian rules do not allow a player under 17 to sign professional contracts. It’s immoral and unethical for a club of our stature and I want to hold my hand up and say it. It may seem right because other teams also do it — Arsenal being the chief culprits — but again, the nature of the academy system in England force clubs into doing things of this sort. Hence, Arsenal got the likes of Lupoli, Fabregas and a host of other players, while we got Rossi, Pique, Macheda and now Petrucci.

The other bit of news that is being reported everywhere is the apparent rift between Fergie and Scolari. According to reports, it seems Fergie is furious that Scolari is advising Ronaldo especially now that he’s been appointed the Chelsea manager. To be honest, that was a load of cow turd, chewed and gargled with shark piss and spat into the mouth of a frog that cheerfully mixes this with the remains of several undigested flies in its stomach ultimately culminating in the letting out of a frog fart. The report was that fart.

That, and quotes from Alan Shearer in the Mirror article, linked above, which equates to the gruesome description above anyway.

And finally, about the Euros, well, the Croatia-Germany game was good and I didn’t see the other. Do share your opinions on players that caught your eye.

Take it away…