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Manchester United launch £20m bid for Wesley Sneijder

SneijderI thought that might grab your attention. I’ll apologise now for falsely raising your hopes and expectations as, let’s be honest, this sort of transfer doesn’t look likely to happen in the immediate future.

Although I have to admit that if I were in Sir Alex Ferguson’s shoes, I would be trying damn hard to ensure that this, or a deal of similar proportions, was completed before the end of the current transfer window.

I know it’s hardly a revelation, but I think it’s plain obvious that we lack a creative spark in midfield that is capable of unlocking even the tightest of defensive systems. Ronaldo was clearly capable of doing that from a wide area but now I believe it’s time for a whole new change of tack.

A direct replacement for the Portuguese would’ve been nice, no doubt. Franck Ribery would’ve gone some way to filling the gap but I certainly wouldn’t have been comfortable parting with anything in excess of £40 million.

I’m of the opinion that if Fergie is so hell bent on changing his formation to accommodate the departure of Ronaldo, an attacking midfielder in the Sneijder mould is exactly what we’re after.

I know many of you will argue that we already have enough decent centre midfielders battling it out for two starting berths in the team. Ofcourse it’s difficult to dislodge Darren Fletcher but I don’t see who else justifiably deserves the other slot.

Michael Carrick definitely brings an array of qualities to the table but while a Hollywood pass and expert vision are pleasing on the eye, Carrick isn’t the penetrative player that I feel we’re crying out for.

Cue goal-shy Anderson. I’m a huge fan of the Brazilian but I have to admit that I’m yet to see the attacking qualities that so many fans rave about. I’m not suggesting for one minute that he doesn’t have that in his locker but he’s yet to really step-up to the plate and demonstrate exactly what he’s all about. Then again it doesn’t help when Ferguson chucks him out on the left wing.

So that leaves us with Giggs, Scholes, Gibson and Hargreaves. Well while I’m certain that Giggs and Scholes are still capable of doing a job in certain games, I don’t feel they should be commanding a place in the side week in week out, for obvious reasons.

As for Gibson and Hargreaves, well the latter won’t be up to much while he continues his recovery and the young Irishman is yet to convince me that he’s ready for regular football at the highest level for United despite a succession of decent performances.

Now, at the cut price he’s inevitably going to be available for, I think Real Madrid’s Wesley Sneijder ticks all the right boxes.

Every time I’ve seen the 25-year-old play he’s never ceased to impress me. While he’s got the ability to beat a man and drive forward, his range of passing is hardly a weakness of his overall game too. Anyone that saw his performances at Euro 2008 will have seen what a quality player he really is and surely he’s got to be worth a punt?

I’m sure many United fans will point to his relatively poor injury record but while he probably won’t last a full season without a couple of trips to the physio’s room, I’d hardly place him in the same perilous category as the likes of Michael Owen.

The best part about the current situation regarding Sneijder? It appears he’s not wanted at current club Madrid. Inter have emerged as the favourites for his signature and, to be fair, that’s where I expect him to end up but if I were in charge at Old Trafford, I’d certainly be tempted to test Real’s resolve.

Note: There was one more post published earlier today (surprise, surprise!). It’s a take on the recent Hillsborough t-shirt incident.



  1. Redrich

    22 August 2009 at 02:59

    @Red Rupert: Bye, bye Rupert!! 👿 👿

  2. Redrich

    22 August 2009 at 03:06

    It just fucking amazes me that someone could butt into a conversation and rudely assume the upper hand. 😯
    Why would this person ever think that he even has a clue as to what we’ve all been talking about this summer??

    I usually refrain from this but, in your case Rupert, Fuck off you toad!! 👿 👿

  3. Matt

    22 August 2009 at 03:15

    @Redrich: I would agree with the 3 players you mentioned mate as probably the 3 top youngsters who i would definitely like to see get more games. For me de laet looked brilliant in the 2 games he played and there is no doubt in my mind he should be well ahead of neville in the pecking order, whether he is ahead i dont know, i have my doubts as fergie has kept neville on even though he last played well for us in the 06/07 season all those years ago.
    Gibson as i said in my last post im not sold on, he looks decent but nothing amazing, thing is we have all these youngsters and the midfield is a weakness for us and gibson is the only one who can play there. Fair play to gibson though he does have an amazing shot on him though and again i would definitely place him above scholes in the pecking order who i just feel really is past it tbh.
    As for macheda i think he could be a top talent, great finisher but i think he maybe needs to work on his build up play and linking up with others around him. Saying that though if hes just going to be a goal poacher and hanging around the box maybe this isnt so important. I would like to see him and also welbeck getting quite a few games really, if were going through a dry patch i would like to atleast see him on the bench, fergie said he was 1 of the best finishers at the club so surely he will get games.
    I think the youngsters are good but i just cant see us going through the 03-07 transition where we went a number of years of doing nothing blooding the youngsters and kick starting our new era, like you i see us entering the trnasfer market and possibly spending big next summer that is assuming the glazers havent spent the money by then.
    But we must consider next year is world cup year, so any player who puts in a decent performance is likely to see their value go up, i just hope we arent left with a situation in which we require a large number of players and being fleeced for all of them. Ive said it before and ill say it again, looking long term next summer is a big time for us, possibly a new manager if fergie decides hes had enough and players like neville, scholes, edwin will most likely be retiring, probably giggs the season after. Add to that players who havent had as much of an impact as expected and we might see hargreaves, anderson, berbatov join them which could mean up tp 6/7 players leaving the club who need replacing.
    However bringing in that many players, and quality ones at that, whilst the world cup is on seems crazy to me and i agree with you more should have been done this summer.
    Anyway i better hit the hay, night all.

  4. Red Ranter

    22 August 2009 at 03:43

    @Red Rupert: Good for you, and good for us. Bye bye…

  5. Grognard

    22 August 2009 at 06:30

    @Don: My comments aren’t off Don, there’s just more of them. Yes tactics are a major problem with Fergie but that is not all. And to think that Michael Owen is the reason that Fergie would be holding back buying Aguero just doesn’t wash. What’s wrong with Aguero playing every game? Ronaldo did and other than Messi, Aguero is the closest thing to Ronaldo. We can’t replace Ronaldo but does that mean we don’t try? It’s like the loony tunes who win millions in the lottery and decide to put it all in the bank and still work at their dead end job. Having 80 million to spend on players and not spending a dime of it (Remember that he originally had 20 million to spend before he sold Ronaldo) is ludicrous and a slap in the collective faces of all the supporters who spend their hard earned cash and often have very little afterwards to buy milk and bread. And we’re supposed to care that a big corporation and brand like United is now becoming fiscally responsible? Give me a break.

    Fergie and the Glazers can sod off. I’m sick to death of their corporate coldness and aloofness and their complete ignorance and disrespect to all the supporters of the team world wide. We deserve better than this dog and pony show. We rode Ronaldo’s coattails to victory after victory for six years and now the jig is up. United are exposed for the fakes that they are.

  6. Grognard

    22 August 2009 at 06:35

    @Red Rupert: Good riddance to bad rubbish then. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Clown Shoes. Oh and by the way, when someone says what have you done for us lately, he means over the last couple of weeks or month, not last season or the season before numb nuts. Go crawl back into your hole and come out when the next clown convention hits your town. 🙄 Bye Rupert the Bear.

  7. Grognard

    22 August 2009 at 06:36

    @Redrich: Well said mate. 😀

  8. Red Ranter

    22 August 2009 at 07:28

    @Grognard: Like it or not United as a corporation have always been fiscally responsible. Despite the debt they are a fantastically run club right now from a business standpoint. It’s a different issue altogether that they are currently not spending money on transfers.

  9. Red Ranter

    22 August 2009 at 07:30

    Fergie and the Glazers can sod off

    Leave aside the Glazers, but you said Fergie can sod off.

    That is one example why you get a lot of stick. You don’t tell someone to sod off if you respect him. 🙂 And I think you still do respect him, don’t you?

  10. Biar

    22 August 2009 at 08:47

    The club we love most and hope is managed by competence leaders of David Gill and Sir Alex Fergusson is now coming a difference thing. Selling world best player without replacement is a total disarray. If I have to ask, what are you doing with Ronaldo’s 80millions? Fans worldwide have posted valuable clues on the future of the club after the world best player left, but they didn’t find good ears. Hereafter, I have to re-allocate the time I do waste watching/monitoring man utd development. Poor engagement of top players is a common disease man utd is suffering from, and also making money out of money is a paradox. I am worried that we may not qualify for UEFA Champion League next season leave aside going cupless this season. 😳

  11. Biar

    22 August 2009 at 09:22

    Fergy should either signs or resign. Please, do not forfeit the love we have for man utd, Or all that you have achieved in the last twenty three years will be disregarded. Morinho is the man of this football era. 😳

  12. Dan

    22 August 2009 at 09:28

    Right since we’re on the topic of youth, how about we post the teams with the youth players you want in them.

    Foster :mrgreen:
    De laet



    Thats a top 3 team in my books.

  13. spizzy

    22 August 2009 at 10:12

    @Red Ranter: I think the performance we are getting from him and his lying has made some of us start to loose some respect for him. I would like to point to one michael jordan who retired from basketball at his peak and everybody said he was undoubtedly the greatest player of all time then he returned again but gave a very dismal account of himself, while he is still considered a great, he lost some of the credibility ha had when he retired, fergie will always be considered the greatest manager but if he continues with this trend and awful decision making he will loose a lot of respect and credibility, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a reputation but it only takes one silly instance to loose all what you have worked for. I personally wouldn’t have minded so much if we lost to burnley but fielded gibson,da laet and macheda because they are young and need the game time, but it’s fergie saying he is not buying because he wants to give our young players a chance then continually fielding scholes, giggs and neville.

  14. Will

    22 August 2009 at 13:46

    @Grognard: cheers man, i tried that but to no avail, but then i noticed you can switch a low res version on which worked. thanks for the advice anyway.

  15. Grognard

    22 August 2009 at 15:52

    @Red Ranter: I’ve told people I respect to do a lot worse mate. It happens in the heat of the moment or in the heat of passion. I am pissed off with him and he has basically told all of us to sod off indirectly through his actions and inactions so far this season and in the summer.

  16. Johnsom33

    22 August 2009 at 16:07

    Why the fuck does Neville still have a squad number?

  17. Johnsom33

    22 August 2009 at 16:12

    I seriously hate Liverpool now. They succeeded in getting world soccer daily off the air.

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