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Manchester United have NO interest in Quagliarella

First it was Quagliarella (Q) saying that United were after him and had placed a 10m bid for him.

Bogus, because United are either buying experience (Hargreaves) or for the future (Nani, Anderson) and Q at 23 is neither and because United already have youth where strikers are concerned so I’d figure that they would go for someone more experienced, IF they go for anyone. Q doesn’t have Prem experience nor does he have CL experience.

And now Q’s agent, SP, says that there has been no contact made by United with Q, SP or Sampdoria.

However, he still maintains that despite the lack of contact, there IS some interest from United.

So how do United register their interest then? Did Fergie come to Q in his dreams? I guess that would work – after all, people believe in flying horses, in walking on water and what not (insert personal irreverent thoughts on religion here) – Fergie asking you to come to OT for 10m sounds quite reasonable.

Checked the Wikipedia entry for Quagliarella – someone has edited it today saying that Udinese now have full ownership rights of the player (previously those rights were shared between Sampdoria and Udinese).



  1. MoYa

    22 June 2007 at 16:03

    SAF should definately sign Fabio Quagliarella!!

  2. Red Ranter

    22 June 2007 at 16:50

    after all, people believe in flying horses, in walking on water and what not

    I’d insert, pigs flying. 🙂

    Not even player comments are reliable these days. Sounds more like a court roomm scene where the witness suddenly turns hostile and retracts his statement. (Are the Italian mafia onto him?)

  3. conor

    22 June 2007 at 17:47

    Yeah i heard that thing about quagliarella moving to Udinese…sorta, they paid 4.7m for his ownership rights, but that doesn’t mean he won’t move, it might just mean that Udinese will make a bigger profit by owning him outright, because if we bid 10m then they would make a bigger profit than before.

  4. Lee

    22 June 2007 at 20:46

    Sounds to me like a little bit of ‘play’ from his agent to get him a better contract and then declare his undying loyalty to the highest bidder…we do need a quality striker and you all know how we pulled Nani & Anderson out of nowhere…maybe it is a smokescreen from our side of the table??? Either way, I don’t think SAF will chance an Italian striker who is relatively unproven – especially after Shevchenko failed to settle. Michael Owen could slip straight in, or even Defoe…my choice would be Defoe as he would certainly give us speed. Plus, it’s nice using Spurs as a feeder club!

  5. BootifullGame

    23 June 2007 at 00:07

    Cant see the point of Owen (frail) and Defoe (confidence player). Both have potential problems.
    Quagliarella seems seems a little speculative.
    Id rather keep what we have if were not buying the best. And Owen or Defoe, or Bent are not the best.
    No need to buy just for buyings sake.

  6. Keith Moses Kaira II

    23 June 2007 at 04:00

    ‘@ Lee, Owen and Defoe are shit for our system mate.

    @ Ahmed, Manchester United have confirmed &r denied nothing. So we shall see who comes in.

    I hope personally it’s this fella or Anelka. But rumour from Bulgaria has it Berbatov is odd’s on to come…t..

  7. ChineseElvis

    23 June 2007 at 06:15

    Berbatov would be my dream striker. I think it will be Anelka, but let’s see what happens…

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