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Manchester United get Aon Money

As reported in most dailies around, United have finally got a shirt sponsor on board to replace AIG. What’s with the club’s recent obsession with insurance companies, really? I guess the answer is £s;80m

Anyway, the facts…

Aon Corporation, founded in 1919 is a firm that specializes in insurance and risk management; which sounds to me like saving the insurance companies when they do something potty. Their 2007 revenue was over $7bn and, like we’d come to expect from most big insurance companies, they come with the baggage of being a successful insurance corporation.

Despite the grim sight of yet another insurance company adorning our shirt, the deal as such is good news for us. It’s a £20m-a-year for four years. That trumps any other shirt deal with any other football club. And is about £6m higher a year than our previous deal.

All round a good business deal. Which is all I can say for it. Now Nike can work on incorporating the new logo [Scott’s got a preview] and come up with a hideously ugly 2009/10 kit. Sigh!