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Manchester United

Manchester United: Games in Wallpapers

RedRants has teamed up with Multimedia Designer, Muadh Kalbani to produce what will hopefully become a regular feature.

The idea is simple. Create an enduring image that typifies each game using one single image and a dab of photoshop. Hopefully there’ll be some brilliantly poignant images created over the season that you, and many others feel compelled to adopt as your desktop wallpaper. You can find the page…..


We’ve also created an image gallery on our Facebook page too, so if you haven’t already Liked us, head over there and please feel free to leave your comments. Muadh is happy to receive any feedback and he welcomes any suggestions you have. You can also find him on Twitter @MuadhKalbani.

It’s not just games we’re immortalising it’s players too. Click the Tom Cleverley image at the top for a full size example.

Here’s a recent example of what we’re trying to create to encapsulate the games: