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Manchester United

Manchester United eliminate club crest from third kit for the 2023/24 season

In an unprecedented move, Manchester United are about to make a significant change to one of their jerseys for the upcoming season, as per The Athletic.

In cooperation with Adidas, the Red Devils have decided to forego their traditional club crest and replace it with a striking depiction of a devil instead.

Adidas designers have opted for a minimalistic style for United’s third kit, eliminating the words ‘Manchester United’, the intricate badge layout and the iconic ship that have been permanent fixtures since the 1970s.

The new Red Devils third kit will feature solely a devil emblem on the off-white chest of the shirt. This unique design will be used when the dark green away kit with white stripes is not feasible.

Adidas followed a similar approach with Arsenal’s away kit this season by eliminating the club crest and retaining only the cannon emblem.

United’s home kit, characterised by its red colour, black shoulder stripes and collar-less design, and the second strip, will showcase the timeless classic badge.

It’s been 25 years since Man United last had modifications to their badge, most recently making alterations in 1998 by taking out the words ‘Football Club’.

Sir Matt Busby played a pivotal role in adding the devil to the design in 1973, inspired by the Salford rugby league team’s nickname ‘Les Diables Rogue’ from the 1930s.

The idea of adopting the nickname ‘Red Devils’ had the sole purpose of striking fear into the opponents’ hearts, with the latest changes aiming to enhance that tendency.

This historic change marks a departure from the iconic symbol that has long been associated with the team, replacing it with a new visual representation that embodies the fiery spirit and fierce determination Man United are famous for.

It’s yet to be seen whether it’ll ignite excitement and generate conversation among fans, with anticipation growing to see how this transformative modification will resonate.

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