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Manchester United don’t need Barton, can’t have Richards

Rumours connecting Micah Richards to Manchester United have been cropping up for the last month or so, and now people are linking Barton to Manchester United as well.

Honestly, I find this a bit ridiculous. Why would Micah Richards, a Manchester City player, be ‘ever’ sold to Manchester United unless silly money (higher than what Chelsea were asked for, which was 15-20m) is offered (and even then they might not sell him)?

I know (and have said this myself before) that Manchester United should sign the best players, but there are times when you have to step back and think if its feasible or not.

Richards to Man Utd is not happening. One, it’s the City v United divide. Two, he has bad taste.

Granted, other players have ‘loved’ Arsenal and then turned around and said that they’d like to play for United (Ribery), but somehow I don’t think this one’s going to happen. Gut says Richards will stay at City for at least another season, and depending on the next season’s results, perhaps till the 2010 World Cup. After that, if City are still where they are right now, he’ll move.

The other rumour I heard was Barton (although admittedly, this was a question rather than a rumour). There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want Barton in your side but I’ll give you two – his temperament, and lack of opportunities for him at the club (Barton on the bench? Why would he waste his career like that?).

Barton could go to Everton, but right now it’s all up in the air.

As for United? Like Larsson, expect a quiet and quick transfer (not Hargreaves).