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Manchester United confirm new contracts for Brown, Ferdinand and Carrick

Good news for United – Brown’s contract wrangle has been finally sorted out (I’m betting that United gave in a little to keep Brown onboard), Rio’s new 5 year contract has been finalised and Carrick’s got himself a new long-term contract as well.

Things could get better, I suppose. Fabregas could go to Barcelona, or Roman could go back to Russia, or Benitez to Madrid. But in terms of how things are at United – they’re great, but there’s still a couple of things to sort out:

1) Patrice Evra’s contract – hopefully this doesn’t go the way Heinze’s deal went because the last thing we need is to have a vital cog of the defense walk out because of contractual issues.

2) New striker – I know Fergie’s said that that’s the position they’re looking to strengthen over the summer but some early moves, like last summer, would be nice. What would be even nicer is if they asked me for advice, but that’s a separate story.

3) Wrapping up the season in the next 2 weeks – and no one has more experience in ‘closing the deal’ as Fergie does, so fingers (and other body apendages) crossed and hoping.