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Manchester United 08/09 Season Review – Part I: The Attack


With transfer rumours in full tilt, let’s behave like nothing is happening in the world around us — apart from acknowledging that Roger Federer is destiny’s only child — and decide to look at the world that happened in the past year.

Since this is a trilogy — with a chance of a bonus part; either, for purposes of completeness, or due to the commercial success of said trilogy — we will devote a post each for attack, midfield and defence. Waffling will cover performances of individual players, and a few words thrown around to talk about the collective.

In this post, attack refers to the attackers which, for our purposes, encompasses the strikers and the wingers. Yes, sorry to disappoint, but Park Ji-Sung will be considered an attacker; even Tevez. Such is the complexity of the beautiful game.

His fans, and there are quite a few of them around, will argue that he’s been misused, misunderstood, mishandled, and any other words that could go with that prefix. In fact, if Nani were to one day hang up his boots after a distinguished career, and tell the tale of his footballing career to his grandchildren, he would describe his 2008/09 season with one word: a miss. (alright, alright — two words!) In the limited opportunities he got to show his wares, he sizzled in some, and simmered in others. Mostly, it was nothing spectacular that would force the manager to make him a guaranteed started like Rooney or Ronaldo. But then, none of our other attackers are ever guaranteed first team slots anyway.

It is inexplicable why Ferguson would use Nani so sparingly, whilst he gave the other summer 2007 arrival, Anderson, a good run. I hope he gets a better chance next season, otherwise, his time at OT will fast run out.

Rating: 5.5/10

Park Ji-Sung: Also known as Ji-Sung Park — some would say, the Energizer Bunny. He represents the quirks of the game. Not nearly talented like Ronaldo or Rooney, and yet he’s a winger; limited in creative abilities, so he has to make up for it with work rate. Jonathan Wilson, the great ‘football nerd’, attributes the emergence of players of his ilk to the advent of the defensive striker/winger. He has had as good a season as he had last time. A few good performances, a few average ones and a few poor ones. He is a good squad player that would do well when called upon, but to view him anything more than that would be pushing it a bit. He will never be the greatest player that wore the famous red shirt (the one with the AIG scribbling, not the Carlsberg one), but his role will be respect by most United fans once they look beyond the derision.

Rating: 6/10

Dimitar Berbatov:

A £30m striker will come witl £30m expectations. It could be unfair, but when someone spends that much, they’d expect their money’s worth at the least. In what form that comes, is open to debate, but it still is out of the hands of everyone but the person in question. While there was overwhelming noise made about attackers running like headless chickens, they weren’t ready for an ambling mongoose either. His skill remains unquestioned, but one tends to wonder what might have been had he had a few yards of pace in him. Bollocks to the clamour to get him to track back. He’s led the assists chart in the league, but he needs to get a better return than the 9 league goals. One hopes a good pre-season can see a better second season from him at the club.

Rating: 6.5/10

Wayne Rooney:

His continued success with England recently, and his talk about his favourite position made it clear that Ferguson needs to get Rooney’s role sorted out. True he’s had some excellent performances on the left. But the manager needs to see where Rooney needs to ultimately play — the role of the second striker — in order for us to see the best of the lad. The barnstorming season all United fans hope for from Rooney continues to be elusive. He’s had a string of excellent seasons for us, and there is a strong argument to be made that he’s gotten better every season, but we need to see the step up, where he hits the next level as a footballer. This would not only suit him as a player, but Manchester United too. Everyone at the club must realise that Wayne Rooney, in the long term, is United’s most important player — not Ronaldo — and his growth as a player will define our future successes.

In short, another very good season. But falls short of outstanding.

Rating: 7.5/10

Carlos Tevez:

Refer Nani but add some whingeing to it. He’s scored some crucial goals this season whenever he’s played — the goal against Porto comes to mind — but while there was a lot of sympathy afforded to him because of his extended time on the bench, his constant tendency to go to the press at every given opportunity has annoyed a minority (surprisingly an overwhelming majority still are behind him) of United fans, including yours’ truly. His commitment on the pitch is without question. But his overall contribution falls short of his £25.5m valuation (which was what Liverpool paid for Torres). He is a good player, but not world class by any count. In all likelihood he’ll move to City, and I’ll wish him the best — as long as he doesn’t score against us.

Rating: 6/10

Cristiano Ronaldo:

For a normal footballer, he’s had an excellent season. But he’s not your average footballer. He’s been one of the few to emerge with any credit in the Champions’ league final. But the Real Madrid saga played out over last summer, and his tantrums on field continue to make it very hard for United fans to reconcile Ronaldo, the person, and Ronaldo, the footballer. It’s always a factor needed to keep in mind while making any assessment of his season, but I’ll attempt to talk only about his on-pitch contribution. Ronaldo continues to be very important to United’s creative energies. We can talk all we want about our squad depth, but he remains our main creative spark. Macheda was the hero against Villa, but Ronaldo’s contribution in that game was equally vital. He absolutely owned the second half of the season, once he completely shrugged off his injury. Added to that, he remains an unbelievably fit player, considering the amount of kicking he takes. Which brings us to the question, of whether to hold on to him or to cash in — it’s something, thankfully, I wouldn’t have to deal with in my season review.

Rating: 8/10

Honourable mentions: Macheda’s made the headlines with his goals, but it’s still not enough to review his season. Danny Welbeck caught the eye with a blinding goal, but whilst he’s obviously got the talent, he is still far from the finished product. Both players are for the future, and that’s all can be said about them for now.

And that ends our review on the attack. Join us tomorrow for Part II of the season review.



  1. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 08:42

    @Craig Mc: What I’m going to love is if he signs for them and they go on to sign Santa Cruz, Etoo, or any other duo. He’ll be back on the bench before he knows it.

    And the news is now trickling out that he has signed with Man City. So good riddance to Carlito. Poor bastard. He just didn’t know when he had it so good.

  2. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 08:46

    @Redrich: Thats just crazy fantasy football crap. I’m sorry but City didn’t buy Barry to sell him to us. That just doesn’t happen in footy. That’s North American fantasy football stuff you are spewing. No way. 🙄 You’re just playing with us, it’s clear now.

  3. Karl

    9 June 2009 at 08:47

    @Craig Mc: I understand. but, maybe the fans had reason to treat Fergie the way they did. not saying it was right, but that they had reason.
    In all fairness to Tevez, the way he’s been treated the entire season, he never went to the media. The media only came into play now during the last week or two before the campaing ended. Given it was not the most ideal time to go to press, but I can’t blame him for that. He kept quite the entire season. If someone piss all over you, should you just smile and ‘get on with it?’

    No one is supposed to be bigger than the club. And, that includes our beloved manager.

    As greedy and evil as what Tevez’ owners are, they are not the bad ones here. They made a deal. United knew before they signed the played on loan 2 years ago what the terms of the deal was. They stuck to their deal. Whether we believe he is/was worth the money is irrelevant. Some other club (in this case City) thought he was. Why should the owners change their mind (or valuation)? If United were serious about signing him, they would have sorted it our long ago. We over-paid for all our major players thus far, and I am convinced we will continue paying over-the-odds for others still to come to OT. Truth is, they were not sure what Tevez’ value was/is and were not sure wether they want him or not. ‘Wanting to knock the price down’ had nothing to do with it. Even if we do end up signing him, I am still convinced that management is still uncertain about whether they want him here nor not.

  4. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 08:49

    @MUFC Fan in America: And yet we won the league, and a pauper’s treble with such a useless attack. It wasn’t up to snuff but it wasn’t horrible. Horrible would have been scoring 50 goals all season.

  5. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 08:51

    @Redrich: And Mark Hughes owes Fergie diddly squat. He doesn’t even like the Gaffer from what i have gathered from quotes and comment sby others over the past few years. Like he’s going to jeopardize his job and standing with his team and supporters in order to make Fergie’s day. Like that will ever happen. I swear, you must think this is April 1st.

  6. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 08:53

    @Karl: I guess it’s the unwritten law that you don’t sign with Liverpool or City. It’s the rivalry thing.

  7. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 08:54

    @Karl: I’d say 5/10. Last year was 7/10. 1994 and 1999 to 2001 was 8/10.

  8. Karl

    9 June 2009 at 09:05

    @Grognard: In fairness, our attackers’ performances themselves were not that bad. (By now, we’ve gotten used to the idea that only Ronaldo score goals). It was their deployment that was bad. On individual effor and performance, I’d say 5-7/10, but if anyone of United’s coaching staff reads this blog, I would like to go on record 3/10 (mainly due to tactics)

  9. Stephen

    9 June 2009 at 09:32

    @Karl: Carlos is not worth £35m full stop.
    To say he was “pissed over” is a joke, he earns £75k a week has won two championships, a champions league, carling cup and world club championship.
    I like you mate a lot, but you sometimes seem to have a vendetta against the manager, to say because we have over paid previously so we must do again is not right. We are in a different climate now, and £35m for 5 league goals is not good value bro.
    He signed a two year loan with an “option” to the end to sign, not had to sign, he isn’t worth the money we tried to neg the deal and he has sold his soul to the fans and signed for Citeh, I am looking forward to derby day more now next season.
    To give the management a 3 for tactics, we won three trophies last season mate, far too unfair they got some of the tactics right obviously.

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  11. Karl

    9 June 2009 at 10:48

    Stephen, you’re right. Sometimes I do have a vendetta against the manager. My only gripe against him is that we play UGLY football lately. I don’t care much for his hypocrisy, but this entertainment value cheeses me off. If you read any of my posts for the past couple of years (my contribution on this site incidently started with an “Open letter to Sir Alex Furgeson”, you will notice that this “vendetta against him” as you call it, only came up this past season. The reason, I hate the way we are being entertained. To say that I don’t care about the titles, etc. would be a lie. I do. But, I used to take pride in the fact that we won by still playing beautiful football. This past season, since kick-off, we’ve abandoned beautiful football. That is my gripe. Change that, no gripe. Barca to me was testement that you don’t have to give up beauftiful football in order to win.

    If you can recall, earlier this season I made a comment that I’m so fickle, about 2-3 good performances in a row, and I would have forgotten all about the “bad displays”. Well, management could not even manage 2 or 3 consecutive entertaining games in a full season of football.).
    I don’t want to be negative, but I cant smile this shit away.

    You, management, and many others believe Tevez is not worth £35m. Good. City believe he is. Good for them. Tevez’ agent believe he is, good for him. Tevez believes he is, good for him. Everybody win, everybody happy! My point is, why must we begrudge him? He was not a wrongdoer.

    Btw, regarding your 5 goal comment: incidently, he scored more goals than our ‘£32m + Campbell’ Berbatov).

  12. Stephen

    9 June 2009 at 11:13

    @Karl: Firstly mate Carlos scored one more goal than Berba, but 6 of his goals were in the league cup mate, Berba scored 9 in the league 4 in the champions league and 1 in the FA cup.
    Carlos scored 6 in the league cup, 5 in the league 2 in the champions league and 1 in the FA.
    So 6 in the league cup which included 4 against Blackburn reserves.

    City have stupid money are not run as a business, they are are a rich mans hobby.

    We all want to play great football but it is not easy, Barca are not the norm, they are a complete one off, no other side plays their brand of football.

    The premier league is so competative and a win at all cost philosophy is ingrained into all clubs and we are no different, also a can’t go down attitude is also there with sides defending deep, do playing fast flowing football tearing teams apart is a lot harder. This maybe an excuse but it is a factor, but also I do agree with you, Iam a season ticket holder nad want to see great football, but the manager has done a great job and getting on his back in my view is unfair.

    You want great football but have mentioned that you want Mourinho at the club??? He is the king of anti football, win at all cost regardless of style and behaviour!!!, And really who else really is out there mate???, who else could we trust???, in my view Fergie is still the only person I trust in charge, and will always support him as he has done more for our club than anyone.

  13. Karl

    9 June 2009 at 12:48

    @Stephen: Don’t get me wrong…

    I’ve always said ‘Mourinho, but with a more attacking style of play’.

    In terms of winning trophies, Mourinho is the best, especially at the brand of football that we’ve now become accoustomed to. If what you say holds value, then we are truly fucked. This means he is certainly the best option to guarantee success.
    In terms of playing style, I’ve never been an admirer of his. I always stated that ideally he should stay on at OT for at least a year before taking charge, with Fergie, to learn how to play beautiful football.
    I personally like someone like Ruud Gullit (which I doubt many others likes) to bring ‘sexy football’ to our club. Another person whose football I also like is big Phil Scolari.

    I respect Fergie tremendously for what he has achieved for us. He has NO equal.

    But, that does not mean I should hang on to every silly decision of his. He’s human, and he err. When he does, it should be pointed out.

    I don’t agree with the decision to play so defensive and dull. I cannot condone that. HE always states that no man is bigger than the club…that should include HIM. (I’m not saying he should leave or anything, just change his current policy).

    You cannot be serious in telling me that Barcelona is a better club than ours? I don’t buy this one-off stuff about them. We’re better. Fergie has always managed to combine flair with grit. That was what made us special and made us stand out above the Barcelonas and Arsenals of this world. This season the flair deserted us. Without that flair, we’re just another Wimbledon, which was exactly how we performed in the CL final. I cannot accept that this is our club’s future. If so, are you then seriously going to re-new your season ticket?

  14. Karl

    9 June 2009 at 12:58

    @Stephen: I don’t want to belittle Berbatov because I belive he is a good player. But for the sake of argument, he’s 4 CL goals were against dudd teams, of which 2 were actually off-side.
    If you discount Tevez’ goals, in all fairness, he’s 4 should also go.
    Even the PL goals were against weakened opponents. Not saying that he is not better than Tevez, but that the goal stats is silly at best. NONE of our forwards lived up to expectations.

    “City have stupid money are not run as a business, they are are a rich mans hobby”
    Strange…that’s similiar to what they’ve been saying about us all these years. Remember, paying “over-the-odds” for players and “buying the trophy” and such?

    People said the same about Chelsea. Is it perhaps jealousy?
    Successful businessmen like that don’t go into a business venture without having a clear strategy on making a profit. Just too much money to lose. They know, you lose money, you lose power. Let’s not kid ourselves.
    Would have been better just buying a few Ferrari’s

  15. Craig Mc

    9 June 2009 at 13:15

    @Grognard: I’d say on percentage OF SHIT versus non shit, the shit wins hands down. 😆 . Oh and don’t blame me for demanding great football from our team, as I would like to quote SAF’s OFT QUOTED words, “we are Manchester United, we don’t just play football, the fact we are United, means we HAVE TO play football the United way!.” Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo what the fuck happened this year to the playing football the United way? I don’t think we seem to have a way anymore, and the way that we employ our players in all kinds of different positions and formations, confirms this surely? Can SAF fix it, only if he sees it through our eyes I suggest. SAF keeps telling us what GREAT football we have played all season, but he obviously has a different pair of eyes to a good many United fans, who were bored out of their minds on a good too many occasions this season.

  16. Craig Mc

    9 June 2009 at 13:19

    @Karl: I don’t begrudge City their money, and if we were in that position, I would want to start our own galacticos here in England. But just because you buy a whole lot of great players, doesn’t mean that you will have success. All those chiefs and no feckin indians to do the leg and spade work 🙄 😀 .

  17. Craig Mc

    9 June 2009 at 13:32

    @Karl: Errrr excuse me for asking, but do you live in England mate? If you do, have you been holidaying at some remote location for most of this season? Tevez and his slave owner NEVER stopped going on about this in the media for a hell of a long time now. It wasn’t as nasty as it got these last few weeks, with Tevez telling anybody in the world who would listen, publically crying and whining to all media outlets that he didn’t like the way our club was managed. He also didn’t like “THAT OLD MAN’s WAY OF DOING THINGS”, that Old man being SAF. He cried about being disrespected, yet disrespected our club and management. He made what should have been a great post game celebration, to be ALL ABOUT CARLOS TEVEZ. Fergie was boo-ed, something I hope I NEVER see again at OT, and his post match address to the crowd was interrupted, ruining the day. Course all the ‘rent a mob’ fans that sometimes frequent the Strettie end, well they were not appreciated that day. The whole South stand where I was stood, were sickened by it. Anyway, RANT OVER BRO 😀 .

  18. Craig Mc

    9 June 2009 at 13:40

    @Grognard: I think you’ll find that his slave owners have had an Affa davit signed promising that Tevez MUST start every BIG game, or he would not sign up for them. Well this shouldn’t be hard next season should it, because they won’t be having any BIG games 😀 . Wonder if Man Pity will pay someone off, to get into the other european competition, thru the fair play rules, like they did last year – 😆 😆 😆 . Greasing palms when you have a LOT of Money to throw about is a good thing Grog 🙄 🙂 .

  19. Stephen

    9 June 2009 at 14:32

    @Karl: I agree mate about our forwards and you are right about Berba’s goals.
    But we have won trophies, so that brings in tremendous revenue mate, Chelsea and City are totally different, rich men having fun, the Glaziers are business people.

  20. Karl

    9 June 2009 at 14:44

    @Craig Mc: I think that is why they want Tevez. To do the spade work 😉

  21. Alan

    9 June 2009 at 14:56

    Tevez certainly not World-Class? 3 times South American Footballer of the year, not World-Class? You must be kidding me! About his performance this season, before anyone judging him, first you have to “thank” Fergie for causing all his misery. When he played superbly in some games, like scoring 4 against Blackburn or 2 against Fullham, Fergie “consistently” disrupted his scoring momentum by sitting him on the bench for the next games, but let Rooney start ALMOST ALL THE TIME. I even suspect Fergie DELIBERATELY lower his performance (cunning old man), the reason could be to lower his value (25m to 18m), or ready to get rid of him but not wanting other clubs to get him as well (as his value become lower other rival clubs may be hesitate signing him too, but Fergie get the backfire, Man City and Liverpool are interested, they may notice the “trick”)

    Those who try to be so smart thinking that he is not World-Class, I suggest you to wait for next season to see it with you own two eyes. Man Utd cramped his style, but I bet he will soar high with other club like Man City. Why? Regular Football will bring out the very best of him. 😉

  22. Craig Mc

    9 June 2009 at 14:57

    @Karl: 😆 😆 😆 , not at that price mate! If that’s the case, its a hell of a lot of dosh for a spade digger 😉 😀 .

  23. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 16:36

    @Craig Mc: I said it many times before mate. SAF so wants to make a name for himself in Europe and so wants to shutup Liverpool one dominance over us which is European Cups, that he literally sold his soul to the Devil known as Italian football in order to get those much needed European Cups. It worked for him last year against Barcelona and Chelsea but this year it blew up in his face in Rome when his team never showed up. All he seems to care about now is his legacy in Europe and to further pad his legend. Out the window goes United football and entertainment.

  24. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 16:43

    @Craig Mc: In fairness to Tevez mate, Gill came out early last season and made comments to the media about wanting to finalize a Tevez contract and make it permanent. This began even before they signed Berbatov so you cannot blame Tevez for feeling a little slighted. He was wanted and good for them when the season started and he was told a contract was in the works and the then weeks went by and then weeks turned into months and then you realize the club was playing with you and that in my opinion was so unnecessary and very low on the part of United. They literally played Tevez out of that contract demand by benching him but telling him that he was wanted.

    I am not advocating that we keep Tevez as I believe he isn’t worth half the pricetag placed on him. But United are not faultless here and their treatment and teasing of this player for an entire season was terrible and brought on the theatrics to the fans and the big mouth to the media. To be totally honest, I cannot blame Carlos one bit for feeling betrayed. But if I am also fair, I said before the season started that if Berbatov signed with United, that would mark the final season here for Tevez because he would definitely become the third striker. He just wasn’t worth the money being asked for him.

  25. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 16:47

    @Craig Mc: Any team that would sign their future and freedom away buy promising a player starts through a contract is as Mickey Mouse an outfit as there possibly is in any professional environment. Can you see any player’s agent getting that concession from Fergie or Hoeness or Guardiola etc? What is this game coming to? Players no longer have to earn their starting position. They just have to be smart and arrogant enough to demand it in a contract. 🙄

  26. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 16:54

    @Karl: Truthfully, the spade work should be done by our central midfielders. As we do not have a spade carrying player of the Roy Keane mold, then we destroy our form and style of play by forcing attackers like Rooney and Tevez to do spade work and further destroy our style by placing an inept talentless spade working rice paddy specialist by the name of Park to completely turn our team in to a pedestrian outfit incapable of playing with great skill and finesse. Spade work must be placed only to one person, a central defensive midfielder. Some teams use two of them and attack from the side. So be it, but never force forwards or wingers to do spade work. That’s not what they are there to do. Tevez was great at spade work because that was all he was great at. Goal scoring at a standard rate for a top line striker was certainly not his forte. And I’m sorry, but goal scoring is what we need the most form a striker. W e have Wayne Rooney to do a lot of those extras. Two Rooney’s are definitely not necessary.

  27. Grognard

    9 June 2009 at 17:02

    @Alan: I don’t care if he was named as President of Argentina mate, he’s not a world class player. He’s a world class worker. Big difference. A world class player doesn’t have feet of stone and a fist touch resembling mine. A world class player can thread passes to teammates , not continually have the ball stolen from him, a world class player has finesse and a deft touch around goal and doesn’t try to score every goal by blasting it up high into the roof of the goal. Add tot hat his short stubby legs and lack of killer pace and I really would like to know what is world class about him. Have you seen the lack of actual world class talent presently paying in South America? There isn’t much. They are all playing Europe. Tevez is a cut above many but he lacks the finesse skills and the prolific finishing of a forward to be mentioned in the same category as Aguero, Torres, and others I consider to be world class strikers, or at least very close to that. It amazes me what world class means to certain people. To some it is what I just mentioned. To others it’s a hard blue collar work ethic and the desire to run around the field and be a pest. Sorry mate but there is nothing world class about that. World class is comparing players to Pele, and Mueller, Rummenigge, Baggio and Ronaldo and not Carlos frakken Tevez. 🙄

  28. Alan

    9 June 2009 at 17:18

    @Grognard: Have you people ever thought why you (yes you!) think Tevez is not worth the money 25m or 32m (or whatever price it is)? Why people think it that way? based on what? Based on performance and scoring record like this season Tevez scored 5 league goals, 15 goals in total.

    When people see the performance or statistics of him are below expectation, they will mostly think Tevez is not worth the price. But what surprise me is that, these people never think of the reason why Tevez’s performance suddenly became “unexpectedly” low (thus not worth the price). They just keep saying Tevez is not worth that much, but never find out why Tevez’s performance seemed to have dropped. They think Tevez’s statistics are not good just because of his own doing, but ignore the fact that there was one man who made all the selection that VERY LIKELY affect his performance. That man is Fergie.

    Think about it. A good player never drastically has his performance dropped suddenly without reason. In fact some of you can see Tevez wasn’t that bad after all, especially the last few games when he got to PLAY MORE REGULARLY. Before that (be4 FA CUP Semi-Final), it was “irregular play” for him, Fergie did this to him.

    Can you see it clearly now? Can you see why you say he isn’t worth that much money makes no sense at all? If he had played regularly and thus played at his best, would you doubt him not worth the price? You say he is not worth the price but have you thought of why he seemed like unable to play his best?

    Fergie dropped him most of the time (intentional or not we don’t know), thus affect his performance, thus affect his statistic, eventually affect his value, thus almost everyone think he is not worth the price. Fergie’s WISH has fulfiled, very successfully indeed.

  29. Red Ranter

    9 June 2009 at 17:29

    @Alan: Yes that man is Fergie. And under him he is unlikely to become world class. So there’s no point signing him. We can’t surely sack Fergie now, can we? So it’s good for all parties concerned that he be moved on. However, none of all this justifies the constant whingeing to the press. I’ve put enough thought to this argument, since you asked.

  30. Alan

    9 June 2009 at 17:48

    @Red Ranter: Yeah, in fact I really hope that he moves on, joins other club. What I am trying to do here is just trying to make a point to some people: just be fair to him.

    And since you said: none of all these justifies the constant whingeing to the press, I also want to say: if he didn’t say anything to the press, EVERYONE would never understand anything behind-the-scene. I bet he wouldn’t want to keep quiet on the “suspicious” unfair treatment of the club to him. Saying all this was just to let people understand. I can understand, albeit not much. But some people choose to ignore it (because they love the club very much?). If he kept quiet and suddenly switched club and never said anything about how the club treated him, what would most of the fans think? Most fans would not understand and would immediately brand him betrayer. Can you see it now?

  31. Alan

    9 June 2009 at 18:18

    @Grognard: Find me a player who was so influential (like almost single-handedly) and inspirational in helping a club fight a seemingly impossible relegation survival, in this case West Ham. Find me a player who dare to join a brazilian club and in just 1 year he won them a trophy and won himself the Brazilian footballer of the year, in this case Corinthian. Find me a player who can win 3 times in a row South American Footballer of the year, the last and only player who did this is the legendary all time best Chile footballer Figueroa.

    I bet present day only Messi has the ability and talent to achieve what Tevez has achieved. Not even Torres, Rooney, Ronaldo, Berbatov and all other World-Class players that you mentioned can achieve that. It takes a special type of world-class player to do that. If you want to ignore all these, suit yourself.

    If you doubt his skill, how would you explain how the hell did he scored that superb second goal against Fulham? Fluke? How about that goal against Man City? How about him get past 2 defenders including Dunne in that games? How about that flick against Wigan? You think that was an easy goal? That flick was from a shot from Carrick, not a pass at all. It took tremendous quick respond, instinctive, strong and incredible skill to flick to the left side of the goal with an almost 90 degree angle.

    Tevez’s skill is different than others that it was somewhat raw, or you can call that natural. Not like others, others sometimes try to be “too clever” for eg Berbatov. Tevez uses his instinct or intuition more.

    If you still have doubt, doesn’t matter, like i said, just wait and see. Hope he joins a new club to see if you will eat your words. 😆 Staying with Man Utd Tevez will forever be second best.

  32. Red Ranter

    9 June 2009 at 19:15

    @Alan: No. I was actually fair to him till he started opening his mouth. It was plain obvious to everyone that he was not started in enough games. Any player with little self respect would be unhappy with that. I would have backed Tevez to the hilt if he’d kept his thoughts to himself or to Fergie than try to play the victim card. Sorry, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discern the problem with his contract — it didn’t need Tevez to ram the “I am the victim in this” card down our throats, not once, but several times. That too, to any random radio station/press outlet that cared to ask him. I could see that in December itself. Talking to the media about “ill-treatment” would be his agent/owner’s job.

    Also to think everything would be quiet and we would somehow one morning wake up to see he is in man city blue and not having seen that coming is very naive. There are agents/owners that can send quotes into the press to ensure this sort of deal does not go quietly.

  33. United Ticket Agency

    9 June 2009 at 21:38

    Spot on about Rooney and Ronaldo, but Tevez definitely deserves a better mark than Berbatov, his effort and work rate and crucial goals had more of an impact on our season.

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