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Manchester is RED and the parade proves it.

The-Manchester-United-team-bus-on-the-streets-of-Manchester-1887502Manchester United celebrated their 20th title with an open-top bus parade through the streets of Manchester as fans lined up the route from Old Trafford, through Deansgate and Albert Square.

It was the perfect send-off for Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes, who both compared tonight’s parade with the triumphal return from Barcelona in 1999, when hundreds of thousands of Reds poured onto the streets to welcome home the newly-crowned Champions of Europe.

In his speech at Old Trafford,before the beginning of the parade, Fergie paid tribute to the fans and his players:

“This is fantastic. I’m more pleased for you than anything else. You go through a 38-game programme in the division and win it, and win it in style with a great bunch of players.

“It’s a young squad, with a lot of good young players, and a lot of them are going to get better, and the big test is to win it three times in a row, as they’ve done before, so I hope the boys can do that.

Retiring-iconic-Manchester-United-manager-Alex-Ferguson-holds-the-Premier-League-trophy-outside-the-town-hall-in-1887512“Yesterday was a day I will never forget. It will live in my memory. All of my family will never forget it. The memory will live with my grandchildren for many, many years.

“Tomorrow night our Under-21s play Liverpool, that mob from across the road, so I hope some of you will come and cheer the young lads on. It will be good of you. Thank-you very much.”

If yesterday had been emotional, today was simply breathtaking. 12 months after losing the title in the cruelest of fashions, United fans turned out en masse to celebrate the league champions, who looked genuinely shocked by the number of fans lining the streets.

Reds had climbed upon roofs, bus stops, road signs and even scaffoldings in the hope to get a vantage point from which to salute the champions on their way to Albert Square where The Courteeners kicked off the celebrations in style, belting out “Not Nineteen Forever”, the song that has become the soundtrack to United’s season.

Speaking on Albert Square, Patrice Evra said: “Last season was just an accident. But this is Manchester United – we just answered back straight away. That’s why this season it was really important to win this trophy [Premier League]. This is the culture of Manchester United. Always we are just winners.”

From Robin Van Persie, to Rio Ferdinand all the players joined in the party atmosphere, apart from Wayne Rooney who looked like he had just been summoned to appear at a funeral. Considering the scenes that unfolded tonight many will wonder how he could want to leave such a club.

Many would also wonder if, even after tonight’s epic scenes, City fans will continue to perpetuate the lies about Manchester being theirs. Knowing them, they probably will but the truth was there for all to be seen tonight.

Manchester is RED.


Dan (@MUFC_dan87)