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Man Utd vs Dynamo Kyiv: Preview

I will keep this post short. I really have to. It’s been a tight little day, work-wise, although that shouldn’t prevent me from watching the match today.

Anyway, let’s quickly go over the preview of today’s game and some other random bits and bobs worth pondering about.

Louis Saha is expected to be in the 16 today and hopefully in the starting XI. So either Tevez or Rooney will be rested. Also there is a good chance of Carrick starting with either Hargreaves or Anderson rested. Nani should also start today in the place of Giggs. With Neville out again, this time with a calf strain, the back four will stay pretty much the same as the one that faced Arsenal.

A 4-4-2 formation looks the most logical option. It’s only the starting XI that is worth debating about. Anyhow, a wait for a few hours would give you the answer. (Yes, I know, it was a terribly inane statement.)

Meanwhile, John O’Shea is ‘flabbergasted’ at the longevity of SAF at Old Trafford. While I think it was an outstanding achievement for someone to be at the club for so long. I would certainly not be flabbergasted. You see, the word flabbergasted gives me a mental picture of someone, with his eyes popped out, running around the room like a lunatic. I wish I could say that about Sheasy, but he is too leaden footed to be running around the room.

I may be wrong about my mental picture of the word flabbergasted, but then who cares about that word anyway. It sure sounds ghastly.

Erm… moving on to talking some sense, SAF has called for seven subs in the Premier League. Sven had called for this earlier this week and I can certainly vouch for this. The Spanish League also allows seven subs. And as a Football Manager addict, I can say for sure that having seven players on the bench can make more players happier. Although I will leave this to you to discuss about.

Andrei Shevchenko has tipped United to win the Champions’ League. It’s sad (and perversely joyful) to see a player the level of Sheva descend to such depths in Chelsea that now he has to resort to punditry. But that’s what many failed footballers do these days, don’t they?

And finally Anderson assures us that he is not a diver. To be honest, we did see some theatrics from the Brazilian. But he also seems to be made of sterner stuff than is apparent from his boyish looks. The quotes in the article make interesting reading. He seems a determined lad, especially when he says this on South Americans who failed in United, “I am Anderson, not Veron or Kleberson. This is the difference. Perhaps I have arrived with more ambition than those two did.”

Good stuff from the lad. Hope he continues to walk the talk.

Back to the game, I expect nothing less than a caning from the reds. Kyiv were poor at home last time round. This time I expect nothing less than a caning. Especially since the dippers did it yesterday.

Prediction: 6-0 to United (Although I hope it’s 9-0!)

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