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Man Utd v Everton: Preview

I had a good Saturday which was only tempered by that good-for-nothing Robbie Keane who couldn’t score a penalty past Almunia.

But today is a new day and one hopes we put several past the other Scouse team to make it a good Sunday.

In team news, we should expect Rio, Tevez and Brown to start; apparently they had some knocks soon after the Liverpool game. I suppose the partying (and subsequent bollocking from SAF) would have been enough to shake them up.

Not much else in team news, and I expect the same team of last week to start this time round. I am feeling a little lazy today. So I will link you all to several previews.

BBC’s Preview
Preview on Soccernet

My Prediction:
2-0 to United.

Alright then, I’m off now. See you after the game!