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Man Utd v Bolton: Preview

A midweek game against Bolton is just a few days before we entertain our very dear friends. Fergie would like to take it one game at a time, and hope that the team doesn’t falter while looking to the weekend tie against ‘Pool. They, of course, don’t need too much reminding; we did lose to Bolton this season, and their uncompromising style (which is being generous) will test the tiring legs of the players.

Like it’s been ever since we’ve had fit midfielders, the starting lineup will be anyone’s guess. However, I hope that Rio starts today alongside Vidic. Also, murmurs abound about Ben Foster getting another start, while EVDS continues to recover from injury — which makes this all the more interesting considering Kuszczak is fit. I have one more thing to talk about goal keepers, but I will talk about it in a moment, after getting this preview out of the way.

Tevez could start, and maybe — just maybe — Louis Saha could be air-lifted and brought into the Old Trafford pitch by the Flying Doctors. Ronaldo will start and Nani might be back in reckoning for a start. Since, I can’t be too arsed to predict Fergie’s central midfield pairing, I’ll give my esteemed opinion instead: Anderson and Carrick in the middle.

Getting back to ‘keepers, the Guardian, like all broadsheets/rags/media houses, has in its midst some black sheep. And said black sheep, in the Guardian’s case, goes by the name of Daniel Taylor — unfortunately, their resident Manchester United journalist. This perennial pot-smoking (presumably), dreamy-eyed, joke of a journalist has just come out with yet another gem from the vestiges of his gifted imagination. The article is for you to read here, I’d suggest you to read it first. Go on, I’m waiting…

… done? Okay, let me still, for the benefit of those who couldn’t be too bothered to be clicking away at the link, quote some of the things that he wrote in the article that I felt was outrageous. The theme of the article was about Paul Robinson, England’s keeping, Fabio Capello etc. On the surface, it wasn’t too bad, to be honest. But it was the latter part of the article that veered into imagination-land, that got me a little worked up. Here, let me quote (I’ve italicised parts of it for my emphasis):

[Ben Foster’s] emergence has given Edwin van der Sar serious cause for concern. Van der Sar is contracted to United until 2009 but the Dutchman, who plans to retire from international football after this summer’s European Championship, is understood to be contemplating a return to the Netherlands this summer. The popular belief at United is that Foster will establish himself as Ferguson’s first-choice goalkeeper next season and it is doubtful whether Van der Sar will tolerate being a substitute.[…]
Otherwise Foster will remain in goal ahead of Tomasz Kuszczak, who has struggled at United and is likely to be moved on this summer.

Huh?! van der Sar to move to Holland? EVDS can’t tolerate being a sub, in his last year of his contract before a possible retirement, and the knowledge of having to aid the transition from the old to the young ‘keeper? Kuszczak to be moved on?

Now all these may be true. But where is responsible journalism if there are no quotes from any authority? EVDS will be in his last year, why would he want to leave? And while Ben Foster could eventually replace EVDS, there is no guarantee that he will, indeed, start next season. And where did rumours of Kuszczak moving on crop up from.

Unfortunately, it’s lazy journalism like this, that rubbish websites like Tribal Football feed off, and it was little surprise to me when I saw TF run two stories — one with the headline “Van der Sar ponders quitting Man Utd” and “Man Utd expected to listen to Kuszczak offers

Absolute bollocks! And on that bollocksy note, I end this rant and advise you all to enjoy today’s match, where we’d look to put some daylight between us and Le Arse. (Although, in case you are interested, you could read another of my rants on Dan Taylor, where he thought Anderson was a waste of money.)

Come on you reds!

Prediction: 2-0 to United

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