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UEFA Champions' League

Man Utd v Barcelona: Preview

Sorry for the late preview.

So it boils down to today. It could make our season or break it. I know this is a strange thing to say because we can still win the title. But for a manager like Fergie who desperately wants to win at least a double, this would be as close as they come.

Fergie was quite positive about the chances of a United win, and it was nice to see a relaxed face after all his rants following the Chelsea defeat.

Anyway, on to team news and I am still not certain if either of Vidic or Rooney would play today. I think Rooney is more unlikely than Vidic, although with the importance of the game SAF might even put Rooney on the bench as a last resort.

Barcelona look the fitter side on paper, purely because about six of their key players were rested in the weekend. (Sounds a bit like Milan of last year doesn’t it?) But, the good part of all this is that we are finally playing at home for once — it seems like ages since we last did, doesn’t it?

On to team composition, it think Tevez will certainly start. Despite all the talk of “attack, attack, attack”, Fergie will still opt for a 4-3-3. Ronaldo, Tevez and Giggs/Nani/Park will start upfront. Owen Hargreaves, Carrick and Scholes should be in midfield, with Anderson brought on to add a bit of energy if things aren’t going right. At the back, if Vidic is fit, the side will pick itself. Otherwise, I’d want O’Shea at right back and Brown in the centre because we absolutely need Hargreaves in the middle of the park to get stuck into their midfielders.

Prediction: 2-1 to United.

Come on you Reds!!! Three games to go, grit your teeth and do it!

Oh and Fergie, please, ATTACK!