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Manchester United

Man Utd to increase Old Trafford security for next UCL match after takeover news

Manchester United will reportedly increase security at Old Trafford for the next Champions League clash with FC Copenhagen.

This is due to concerns over the fans’ reaction to the news the Glazers will be staying at the club.

Sheikh Jassim pulled out of the takeover race after they failed to reach an agreement with the Glazers.

British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe is set to take a 25 percent stake in the club through his company INEOS.

Despite the minority stake, the 70-year-old will control football operations at United.

INEOS plans to rebuild Old Trafford into a 90,000-seat stadium after a successful deal.

However, there could still be a negative reaction from the fans as the Glazers will be staying as the majority stakeholders.

According to The Times, security will be increased at United’s home stadium for the next Champions League clash with Copenhagen.

The European fixture will follow after the Red Devils’ visit to Sheffield United in the Premier League.

The Glazers never wanted to sell

Manchester United fans have long wanted to get rid of the Glazers, who have been terrible owners.

While Ratcliffe controlling football operations is a positive step, the Glzers will still be able to influence how the club is run.

Sheikh Jassim’s bid looked appealing as he wanted a full takeover and promised to clear all the club’s debts.

But the Glazers’ unrealistic valuation forced the Qatari banker to pull out of the takeover race.

It suggests they never wanted to leave United and probably only went through the process to appease the fans.